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Since the reform and opening up, China's door and window industry has achieved rapid development and begun to take shape. However, the growth of being too "rough" makes the door and window manufacturers have significant doubts such as the current situation of "scattered, small and weak", severe homogenization and lack of competitiveness. These questions have also become a big "stumbling block" for the door and window industry to become stronger and bigger and to move towards modernization

"smallholder economic thinking" is severe

the bosses of some door and window manufacturers have severe smallholder economic thinking. First, the thought of being content with a small fortune and not trying to make progress is outstanding. After making a little money, we pay more attention to life enjoyment and less to production investment. Even the most basic dust suction equipment and dust masks of employees are reluctant to buy, lacking humanistic care; Second, the leaders of the manufacturers who make decisions and make guarantees in a disorderly way and leave in the future are all looking at it. They have a weak understanding of responsibility and lack the ability to carry out sustainable development

there are few door and window manufacturers that have not established modern manufacturer standards. One of the characteristics of modern manufacturer standards is that there is a perfect corporate governance structure, and there are sound standards for the board of directors, the board of supervisors, and the general meeting of shareholders; According to the six elements handled by modern manufacturers, establish a management and supervision system of "people, finance, materials" and "production, supply and marketing", complete the democratization and scientization of the resolution plan, and have a strong ability to control risks. However, these are not available to most door and window manufacturers

the characteristics of clan manufacturers are significant

in the view of insiders, most traditional door and window manufacturers are "inbreeding", and the characteristics of clan manufacturers are significant. This kind of manufacturer has many disadvantages: first, its own relatives are organized in the main positions of the manufacturer. Although excellent talents are introduced, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the manufacturer; Second, it is difficult to achieve equality in front of the norms. Once relatives are involved, they will show mercy, causing a crisis of fairness and fairness

manufacturers lack long-term planning

it is well known that the great difference between running a manufacturer and doing business is that manufacturers focus on long-term development, while businessmen are exquisite and earn one by one. Just think, without long-term planning, why can door and window manufacturers go further. At that time, although the door and window industry still maintained a relatively stable development. However, under the downward pressure of the overall economy, manufacturers' operations are also facing endless testing. Medium and low-grade commodities occupy a dominant position, affecting the overall competitiveness of the industry. Therefore, there is still much room for improvement in the development of door and window manufacturers, and there will be a long way to go





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