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With the advent of the best period of decoration, more and more owners began to decorate. The cost of decoration has always been one of the most concerned issues for consumers. At present, there are many home decoration companies in the market, and there are often great differences in quotation. Many consumers have encountered such confusion: in the same home decoration market, with almost the same decoration content, why is there such a big difference in quotation? What the hell is going on? For most families who will decorate, the quotation for the decoration project is something they have never been in touch with before. For the quoted price, they often don't know how to choose: the more expensive, the better? Or is the cheaper one more affordable

industry experts pointed out that in terms of price management of home decoration, due to regional differences, there is no unified quotation standard in the country at present, and some home decoration markets only list guide prices for consumers' reference. However, as the number of decoration projects and quantities is a direct factor affecting the whole decoration cost, and the scale, qualification, grade and management system of decoration companies are different, their charging standards are also different. Generally speaking, the expenses in the decoration should include the following: (1) design fees, which have been included in the decoration expenses of some decoration companies; (2) main material fees, including woodworking boards, decorative boards, lines, hardware, paint, latex paint, etc. (3) auxiliary material fees, (4) manual fees: woodworking manual fees, bricklaying manual fees, water and electricity wages, painter wages, etc. (5) management fees and taxes. If it is a guerrilla, there is no such cost. What consumers need to pay attention to is that they should not choose home decoration enterprises simply by price. Because so far, there are still decoration companies using consumers' inexperience to play on the quotation “ Flower work ” Phenomenon of. The following tips summarized by experts may help you in the decoration quotation: the quality of materials is one of the important factors that determine the price: take woodworking board products for example, there are four grades of woodworking boards, which are identical in appearance, but the internal quality is very different. Of course, the price is also divided into four prices: about 63 yuan, about 75 yuan, about 90 yuan, about 110 yuan. The grade you choose is different. Of course, the whole cost is different. Take wood paint for example. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 6000 brands of paint in the country, and the price ranges from 30-40 yuan/group to 500-600 yuan/group. Of course, there is a big gap in the quotation. The suggestion for you is to go to the market to understand the products and prices before negotiating the price with the decoration company, so as to know well





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