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We all know that the furnishing position of the sofa and chair and the position relationship between the master seat and each main wall are very important. Take the seats of single seat, two seat and three seat as an example. It is best to have a wall behind the three seat chair, which means that there is a long-term backer. It is better to overlook the beautiful scenery. So, what are the principles of sofa placement in the living room of new house decoration? Sofa is a necessary furniture in the living room. The placement of sofa has certain geomantic stress. Whether the sofa is placed correctly or not affects the wealth and official fortune of a person or even a family. How to arrange it reasonably without occupying space? It is beautiful and practical. Here are five ways to decorate the living room sofa in the new house

how to place the sofa in the living room in the decoration of the new house

1. Combination mode

the style of double seat sofa and single seat sofa can be coordinated or completely different. For example, three people choose cloth sofa, while single person sofa is leather sofa, or single person sofa is simply placed with wooden chairs in Chinese classical style. However, the distance between them should not be too large, so as not to cause inconvenience during conversation

2. Opposite pendulum type

it is not common to place two sofas facing each other, but in fact, this is a good placement method, especially for the living room of more and more people who don't like watching TV. The relative arrangement is suitable for the space layout with conversation as the main function, and has a strong sense of position hierarchy. And the living room with different size can be adapted by changing the size of the sofa

3. Corner type

place the sofa along the corner of the wall to form an open communication space for mutual communication, which is more suitable for the square living room. It is suggested to buy another movable sofa to enrich the communication space in the living room and enhance functionality. It consists of four people sitting at the corner and two single people sitting or four people sitting at the corner plus a two person sofa. Of course, for the same purpose of comfort, you can also change the single sofa into a leisure chair when matching

4. One line layout

one line layout is very common. The sofa is arranged in a straight line shape along one wall, and the tea table is placed in front of it, which is more practical for families with smaller living rooms. The purpose of this arrangement is to save space and increase the range of activities, which is suitable for families with small area and many members who attach importance to the game activity space

5, L-shaped

it has the advantages of comfortable use and simple combination. L shape is a common arrangement form of living room furniture, consisting of three person sofa and two person sofa “ L” Font, or three person sofa plus two single person sofas. The combination of 3+1+1 can be said to be the most common sofa placement combination for medium-sized houses. Three people sit on the couch opposite the TV cabinet, and two single sofas are arranged on the left and right sides, which can accommodate five people at the same time

new house decoration living room sofa placement details

first, the types and materials of sofas. Sofas are divided into single sofas, double sofas, long sofas, square sofas, circular sofas, etc. in terms of materials, they are also divided into leather sofas, cloth sofas, rattan sofas, and traditional sour branch chairs. In terms of color and shape, there are many kinds of sofas. Sofa is particular about the number of sets, shape, material, color and shape in the residential culture. The most taboo is to use one and a half sets of sofas, or use two groups of sofas in the same area. Among them, the position of the host seat is very important. It is best to have a wall behind the single chair and the three person chair. If there is no wall behind the couch as a backer, it is easy to have financial problems.

Second, if the master chair can see the location of the master chair on the location, it must be able to see the distant view outside. If the location is poor, it can be decorated with potted flowers, so as not to affect the master's position at home and career. For example, sofa can be placed on both walls of the living room. If you don't know which side is the main wall, you can use the following methods to judge: 1. Sofa decoration should be oriented towards the prosperous side. 2. The exterior wall behind the wall is easy to be exposed to the sun and rain, so it is not suitable to be the main wall. 3. Behind the wall are toilets and kitchens, which should not be used as the main wall against the mountain

third, the small living room should not be matched with the big sofa. The decoration, furniture, sofa and the color, shape and material of tables and chairs in the living room are closely related to family and career fortunes. Take the sitting chair in the living room as an example. Many families like to use large mahogany chairs, even carved dragons and phoenixes on the armrests and back of the chairs, coupled with dark cold colored marble, and put them in the living room of douda apartment, creating a sense of spatial oppression for one reason: “ Easy to tidy and clean ” However, for a convenience, it may cause the disharmony of the magnetic field in the home

IV. pay attention to the details behind the sofa. Just as the house needs tall buildings or mountains as backers, there also needs to be solid walls behind the sofa. Only in this way can people sitting on the sofa feel secure. Otherwise, there will be a feeling of emptiness in the back, and even being peeped and attacked by others. Do not put mirrors or prevention, Feng Shui wheels, water paintings and other water objects behind the sofa. Although these things are elegant, they are easy to increase the sense of emptiness behind them. Today, people on the sofa are uneasy, so they should not be placed. For example, considering other factors, we have to place the sofa in a position without walls. It is best to make an artificial rockery to remedy its shortcomings, such as screens, Bogu shelves, short distance, tall green plants, etc. are all good choices.

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