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Why buy furniture before decoration? That is to say, when you get the rough room, you first go to the furniture store, determine the furniture style trend and relevant dimensions, and then contact the design and construction, and then plan the future home space according to the furniture. The ultimate goal is to make the decorated home and furniture closer to harmony

on the surface, buying furniture first and then decoration can indeed bridge the gap between decoration and furniture, but in fact, people with professional experience remind that buying furniture first and then decoration may not solve all problems. The best way to coordinate the whole family is not to do what first and then what, but to do the right thing at the right time

for example, before decoration, you should really understand the furniture in the market and roughly determine the direction; For another example, when doing foundation construction, once you find that the style and scale need to be adjusted, you should consciously associate the impact on the furniture layout &hellip& hellip; In a word, decoration and furniture should not be divided in any order. The so-called "buy furniture first and then decoration" is a slogan, or a strategy to remind consumers, which basically advocates a coherent design method. Decoration or buying furniture should not be divorced, and the closer and seamless the better

◆ the disjunction between decoration and furniture leads to disharmony in the overall home.

did you buy furniture before decorating your house? Most consumers should answer no to this question. Based on traditional concepts and inherent habits, the first thing most people who decorate their houses consider is not to buy furniture, but to decorate first. However, recently, some businesses have gone against the trend of buying furniture first and then decorating. Is such an unconventional home decoration idea really feasible? Does it make the decoration simpler or more complicated? What details need to be paid special attention to in the whole process

in response to the above problems, industry insiders said that when most owners get the house, they first think of decoration, but after decoration, choosing furniture will cause large or small problems. For example, the furniture style is not harmonious with the room, the furniture size is not compatible with the pattern, and so on. Speaking of the furniture and decoration situation in the market today, from the external space of the building to the interior decoration to the furniture layout and furnishings, these links should never be disconnected. As a home, harmony is the foundation, and then we can talk about taste. Nowadays, there are a wide range of imported and domestic furniture, and it is difficult for consumers to grasp and choose, expensive or cheap, the relationship between furniture decoration and space is not measured by price, but by professional design

◆ buying furniture first and then decoration will lead to the later stage of the inspection work

it is understood that buying furniture after complete decoration most often has two problems: first, the size of the furniture does not fit the indoor size. I obviously like it, but I can't buy it because of the size; Second, a certain type of furniture you like cannot be purchased because it is inconsistent with the interior decoration style

due to the large number of furniture brands, if consumers do not have the concept in advance when decorating, it is easy to have the problem of difficult choice when purchasing; Others will change the decoration because they like a piece of furniture too much, which is not worth the loss. It is better to know the main furniture well in advance, which can better ensure the integrity and harmony of the home decoration style

insiders believe that decoration companies are good at basic decoration. In the later stage of furniture accessories, designers cannot completely replace owners to make decisions. As non professionals, owners should pay more attention to the later stage in order to ensure the final overall quality. If you decide the size and style of furniture, and then decorate it with the style of furniture, you will save a lot of trouble





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