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with the continuous development of the city, more and more construction wastes are generated from house demolition and decoration. How to effectively deal with these construction wastes? On the th of this month, at the conference on construction waste and urban development held in Beijing and the Collaborative Innovation Seminar on construction waste projects under the national key R & D plan of the 13th five year plan, the "Liuzhou experience" in the treatment of construction waste participated by liugongmeizhuo won praise and promotion

2018, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued a notice to carry out the pilot work of construction waste treatment in 35 cities nationwide that can also be made into a one-piece overall structure, and Liuzhou is also one of the pilot cities. Since then, Liuzhou has taken the lead in "turning waste into treasure" by reusing construction waste to produce various environmentally friendly building materials

the construction waste treatment in Liuzhou has achieved full supervision. The construction waste generated on the construction site is loaded on the closed muck transport vehicle and transported to the construction waste recycling project base for recycling. After being crushed into different types of aggregates by the mobile crushing and screening equipment produced by Liugong, it is reprocessed to produce prefabricated building components, recycled permeable bricks, recycled permeable concrete and other building materials, so as to realize the maximum recycling of construction waste. The remaining construction waste that cannot be recycled is classified and transported to the construction waste disposal site for treatment. The urban management department monitors the whole process of the recycling and disposal of construction waste through UAVs, monitoring probes and other equipment

at present, the collection and transportation rate of construction waste in Liuzhou city is 100%, and the safe disposal rate of construction waste is 100%. The management experience of Liuzhou has been highly recognized by the participating experts. After the meeting, many representatives from other cities came to Liuzhou exhibition area to learn about Liugong's mobile crushing and screening equipment and learn from Liuzhou management experience

liugongmeizhuo was invited to participate in the conference, and showed its core crushing station at the conference, sharing with you the liugongmeizhuo mobile crushing and screening treatment scheme, technical process, etc. Among them, the liugongmeizhuo mobile crushing and screening treatment scheme has become the focus of the whole site. The scheme will coordinate the key links of the whole industrial chain of construction waste recycling, based on reduction and systematization, and solve the key technical problems of construction waste generation, classification, recycling, disposal and engineering application from the whole life cycle, which has far-reaching significance for the development of construction waste management and resource utilization industry

meanwhile, Since liugongmeizhuo is moving "The micro interactive system has achieved its contribution and product influence in the field of dynamic crushing and screening of reverse system engineering. This time, liugongmeizhuo introduced its advanced equipment and technology to the guests in his keynote speech on the utilization of construction waste recycling treatment. At the exhibition site, leaders of Liuzhou urban management bureau, Professor chenjialong of the building Recycling Association, and many guests attended the Liugong booth for guidance.

with the process of urbanization in China With the rapid development of urban construction, a large number of urban buildings have established green, low-carbon and efficient industrial new image. The treatment and recycling of waste has become a great challenge for the development of modern cities. China produces a huge amount of construction waste, about 3.5 billion tons per year, including 1.5 billion tons of demolition and construction waste and 2 billion tons of Engineering spoil

adhere to the concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and shared development, find out the current situation and development trend of construction waste, study the ways and methods of construction waste treatment, realize the reduction of construction waste discharge, standardized transportation, effective utilization and safe disposal, and form replicable and popularized construction waste treatment experience is the direction that liugongmeizhuo and his peers strive for

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