Liugong group won the title of top ten enterprises

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Liugong group won the title of "top ten enterprises in Guangxi"

Liugong group won the title of "top ten enterprises in Guangxi"

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Guide: on July 27, the Guangxi Federation of enterprises and entrepreneurs The 2012 Guangxi entrepreneur activity day co sponsored by Guangxi Federation of industrial economics and the 2012 "honor and dream Guangxi enterprise commendation and release ceremony celebrating the company's turnover of 150million yuan last year" were grandly held in Nanning. Liugong was honored with the most important prize of Guangxi in 2011

on July 27, the "2012 Guangxi entrepreneur activity day" and 2012 "glory and dream - Guangxi enterprise recognition and release celebration" jointly sponsored by Guangxi enterprise and entrepreneur federation and Guangxi industrial economy Federation held a grand ceremony in Nanning. The resolution is an important parameter line of the experimental machine. Liugong was honored as one of the most influential "top ten enterprises in Guangxi in 2011", and wangxiaohua, chairman of the board, was honored as "top ten entrepreneurs in Guangxi in 2011". In the severe situation of complex and changeable economic environment inside and outside the region in the past year, the company still maintained a good trend of seeking progress while maintaining stability, constantly seizing the opportunity to correct the accuracy of experimental machines, accelerating transformation and upgrading, comprehensively improving the company's operation level and accelerating the pace of internationalization. Zhengjin, vice president of the group company, attended the celebration and introduced the corporate culture experience on behalf of the company. ZHENG Jin said that this honor is not only the affirmation of enterprises in the region to the company, but also the trust and praise of consumers to Liugong brand. As the mainstay of Guangxi's economy, the company will continue to catch up with and surpass the advanced in the face of adversity, achieve rapid and steady growth, and create new brilliance for Liugong. (Liugong)

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