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The largest mining enterprise in southern Shanxi evaluated Liugong loader in this way

the largest mining enterprise in southern Shanxi evaluated Liugong loader in this way

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in the busy raw material stacking yard of the largest mining enterprise in southern Shanxi, two Liugong 60 loaders kept shuttling back and forth among the mountains of ore sand day and night, continuously transporting iron ore powder raw materials into the screening machine. At the other end of the screening machine, the very fine mineral powder continuously converges into a mountain

"what they are going to accomplish is the transportation of 300000 tons of iron ore powder accumulated in the current storage yard. This kind of work is a challenge for the transportation machinery. Because the iron ore powder is heavy and dirty, it consumes a lot of machinery." Xuzong of Fuxuan mining said so

general manager Xu and Liugong loader

general manager Xu said that the company was established after the integration of several previous mining companies. At present, it has only been more than one year. As the largest local iron and steel enterprise, Liheng iron and steel is the largest supplier of raw and non-metallic materials, which plays an important role in automobile environmental protection, comfort and beauty. Since its establishment, the enterprise has been actively expanding its raw material reserves and production lines. Accordingly, it needs more loaders to complete the shipping work. In order to match a large number of raw materials in the future, but with the high molecular materials, the self-healing system has great prospects in solving the risk of long-term use of materials, prolonging the life of materials and improving the reliability, and the continuous development and screening of plastic products, they considered again and again in the purchase of loaders, and finally chose Liugong

Liugong equipment in construction president Xu explained that "based on the long-standing good relationship with Liugong's agents, we finally decided to choose Liugong after comprehensively considering the current brand and our poor working environment." Mr. Xu continued to introduce Liugong machine, "this takes into account the performance and the cost of subsequent maintenance and repair. These two 60 machines have been working for more than 800 hours, and the efficiency is very fast. The after-sales service is also on call. Because they are new machines, we also take good care of them. The working environment in the stockyard is relatively clean, and they work 22 hours a day. So far, there seems to be no failure."

cooperation creates value

when it comes to development, Xu always said this: "The mining industry has not developed very well in recent years, but we have a very good cooperative relationship with Liheng, the largest local iron and steel enterprise. All the iron sand is provided to Liheng. So we don't worry about looking for downstream enterprises. The benefits are good. We haven't been affected by the decline of mining industry. The two Liugong machines we bought in the first half of this year are not under pressure. At present, the enterprise is the largest mining enterprise in southern Shanxi, producing about 4000 tons of very fine iron sand every day. The future will see." In fact, if these production lines are too busy, they may buy more loaders. At that time, it's still Liugong. " (this article is from Liugong)

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