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Guangxi Liugong chose Long March as a world-class enterprise

Guide: this should be an era that needs long march more. The strategic shift of the Red Army 70 years ago, to a large extent, determined the fate of the Chinese nation. 70 years later, the significance of the long march seems to be deepening for a long time. The country bears the mission of national rejuvenation, and enterprises shoulder the transformation from manufacturing to creation, which

this should be an era that needs the long march more. The strategic shift of the Red Army 70 years ago, to a large extent, determined the fate of the Chinese nation. 70 years later, the significance of the long march seems to be deepening for a long time. The country bears the mission of national rejuvenation, and the enterprises shoulder the transformation from "manufacturing" to "creation". This is another long journey, which is the long march of our times

what is not always wanted to be, which has almost become a feature of this era. Maybe it's because the Fortune 500 companies rarely see Chinese enterprises. Maybe it's because most of the world's leaders in every industry come from the West. China's home appliance, textile and machinery manufacturing industries... Have been entwined and led by the dream of brands. China is changing because of these pursuits. Along the long journey, they showed Yugong's courage and perseverance

Liugong is standing among them. She wants to be a world-class enterprise in the construction machinery industry and provide global customers with engineering machines. Only some scientific research or material analysis requires 0.5-degree high-precision mechanical comprehensive solutions

while many enterprises were still waiting and waiting for the country to retreat, Liu Gong chose himself and the long march under the pressure of competitors' infighting and changing market patterns

in October, Liuzhou is refreshing and pleasant. Liugong is busy adding color to his future. Facing such a grand vision, the three mountains of building Liugong in a globalized world, suppliers of products across the board and the overall improvement of profitability, what kind of spirit will Liugong, who has the courage to challenge and is determined to go to the future

sometimes too many choices are more dangerous than no choice. Before the Zunyi Meeting, the ideological differences within the party caused great losses to the Red Army. We are in an era of change. Hesitation is a taboo of military strategists at complex intersections. The number of victories or defeats may not depend on the disparity of strength, but on boldness

rational choice

since 2003, the debate about "who will go back after the country" has been in the newspapers. In the 1990s, the pain and hesitation of entanglement with foreign capital have reappeared in the minds of some enterprises. With the introduction of the new policy of the SASAC, state-owned enterprises have started a new choice: whether the country will go back to the foreign countries, go back to the people or develop independently? Liugong had also been arguing about this issue, In an interview, President Zeng Guangan said "After a period of debate and reflection, at the end of 2005, we made a final conclusion: under the background of China's broad market and strong economic development, according to the current international and domestic resources Liugong has, we believe that Liugong can fully develop into an international enterprise and represent China's power through its own efforts. At the same time, we believe that there are many such enterprises in China, and they can do so through their efforts Point, the idea is clear, the enterprise will no longer swing left and right. "

in this way, Liu Gong eliminated all external interference, firmly chose himself, and set higher and farther goals for his future

walking on the road to success and ideal, it has always been a long and stormy road. There may be countless snow mountains and grasslands waiting for people to conquer, and the vision is a lighthouse that encourages and inspires people who dare to explore and lets them see the direction of progress through system experiments

creating a world-class Liugong

challenge requires strength. The rapid development of Liugong in recent years seems to tell people that everything is possible

in the 21st century, China's construction machinery market has experienced both blowout and declining profit margins. Especially after the macro-control in 2004, the risks of single product and single market are more prominent. Liugong has successively completed a series of mergers and acquisitions in Jiangyin, Shanghai, Yangzhou and other places, and established a small equipment production base in Zhenjiang. In less than 6 years, in addition to the strong product of traditional loaders, strategic businesses such as excavators and road machinery are also rising rapidly, laying a solid foundation for becoming a supplier of the whole line of products in the future. The increasingly rich product lines have further strengthened Liugong's ability to control the market. In 2006, Liugong's production and sales of loaders will exceed 20000, and road rollers will rank among the top 5 in the industry; In the first nine months, Liugong has produced and sold more than 1000 excavators! The figure of 1000 may seem insignificant, but under the background of "national retreat and foreign advance" in the excavator industry for many years, it means that Liugong, a state-owned enterprise without any foreign investment background, has broken the destiny of "almost complete annihilation of domestic excavators". For the construction machinery industry and every Liugong worker, its significance is more important than Taishan in the process of experiment

Liu Gong was not satisfied with his success in the domestic market, but triggered deeper thinking: to become a world-class enterprise, it is not enough to have the glory of the Chinese market alone. We must think more about the product sales, variety, quality and the long-term development of the enterprise. President Zeng emphasized, "China is already a part of the international market. If we are content with the status quo and only pay attention to China's territory, we will form an asymmetric situation of domestic strength and foreign weakness. Then we will also be an enterprise that has nothing to do."

realizing this, Liugong put forward the long-term goal of "building an open and international Liugong" in 2002. Since 2003, Liugong has made strategic thinking on the international market and divided the international market into two parts: the first market is developed countries (high-end products represented by Europe, America and Japan); The second is the vast number of developing countries represented by China (including India, Russia and others). These two markets have different demands for products. Liugong's current product technology, quality and reliability can basically meet the needs of the second market. In many countries in this market, even European and American brands are just the beginning. For example, in some countries of the former Soviet Union, from the perspective of market demand and brand cognition, European and American brands have not formed absolute control in these countries, There are a lot of business opportunities for Chinese enterprises; Developed countries' markets have high requirements for technology, reliability, services and parts. Chinese enterprises still need to learn a lot, but it is not enough to make achievements only in less developed regions. They must obtain a certain share in developed countries. Only in this way can the competitiveness of enterprises be greatly improved. Based on such a positioning, Liugong adjusted its product R & D strategy in 2004: the newly developed products should meet the needs of developing countries and gradually meet the needs of developed countries

only the first step has been completed by analyzing the product and market. In order to achieve the goal, the enterprise should also choose the appropriate trade form. In order to open up the market gap in any market, it should first look for suitable dealers who can do simple training on the whole machine, accessories, services and users, including brand promotion. In recent years, the number of overseas dealers of Liugong has developed rapidly, from one or two at the beginning to more than 20 now

the huge world market made Liugong feel lack and challenge, and also enhanced his confidence in winning

going against the trend, we have to face various pressures from customers, competitors and even ourselves. Every employee in the enterprise has to withstand the test of rapid changes in the enterprise, keep up with its rapid development, build a learning organization, charge and expand at the same time, which is an indispensable process for the promotion of independent brands

learning and promotion

some people say that your career will be as big as your heart. In order to realize this new vision, Liugong worked with famous domestic management consulting companies to formulate the 11th Five Year Plan in 2005, and decomposed its actions, that is, how should Liugong formulate its own strategy in order to achieve its goals? What kind of organizational change should be done

since 2005, Liugong headquarters has been divided into six business divisions. Each business division has its own strategic objectives in the next five years. The adjusted management framework is clear, the objectives are clear, and the resources can be fully utilized. In order to realize the enterprise vision, Liugong has put forward several strategies: first, it is no longer limited to the domestic market, takes the road of internationalization, and takes facing global customers as a basic starting point for Liugong's future actions; Carry out in-depth marketing and gain market competitive advantage by improving the systematic synergy efficiency of the marketing value chain; Then it is to implement Six Sigma management. It will take about four years to implement this strategic project in the enterprise, and make a qualitative breakthrough in product quality, production efficiency, product research and development, marketing and other aspects; The other is technological innovation. Technological innovation is the tradition of Liugong. Technicians should constantly learn and study some new technologies to make products progress

providing comprehensive solutions for customers is a comprehensive service based on the industrial chain, and it is also a continuous learning process for enterprises. The sales of enterprises is no longer a simple process of providing products and parts, but thinking together with customers about how to create more value. Liu Gong still needs to learn a lot from the whole machine product to service, from the lease demand to the second processing, to the development of customer business, if an enterprise is to be able to organically wear this chain and form a complete industrial chain. Zeng said frankly, "on the whole, it is a long and arduous process to realize this vision. We hope that most of the domestic excellent enterprises can establish long-term development goals, so as to form an atmosphere, form the common aspirations of the people, and finally form our Chinese strength in the international market."

the Long March ended in victory. The long march of our time will also show countless business miracles to the people in the world. We hope that more enterprises can join in and form an unstoppable torrent

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