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At 15:05 on May 12, Beijing time, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Nepal again. The earthquake was felt strongly in the affected areas along the border of China and was felt in many places in Tibet. According to the relevant personnel of the Ministry of communications of the armed police on the scene, due to the sudden earthquake and landslides, the traffic rescue brigade of the Chinese armed police who tried to open the road on the Nigerian side was forced to stop its operation. Two landslides occurred on the road from Jilong town to Jilong port, and the traffic was completely interrupted. The following figure shows the Liugong loader being used for disaster relief after the strong earthquake on May 12

On May 3, Liugong sent 9 loaders and 1 grader to Nepal with the fourth detachment of the Ministry of communications of the Chinese armed police force to carry out the task of road dredging in the earthquake area. Because of the operation in the plateau area, in addition to providing 106, load decomposition degree: 1/2000, there are 00 construction machinery vehicles, Liugong Lhasa dealer also spontaneously dispatched 2 local service personnel to travel with the army to ensure the normal operation of military vehicles

it is reported that after the earthquake, Liugong's dealers in Nepal also took the initiative to provide assistance for the rescue. About 70 Liugong research results have been applied for national invention patents, and the industrial machinery is working hard in all parts of the earthquake area

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