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10% tariff on imported furniture domestic brands usher in a good opportunity for development

10% tariff on imported furniture domestic brands usher in a good opportunity for development

April 12, 2012

[China paint information] regulation No. 15 of 2012 issued by the General Administration of Customs of China recently clearly stipulates that "solid wood furniture, leather furniture, rattan, bamboo furniture and other furniture will be subject to 10% import tariff, which will be implemented from April 15, 2012." This means that imported furniture is expected to usher in a new round of price rise

it is understood that since January 1st, 2005, China has cancelled the tax rate of 7% on imported furniture and achieved "zero tariff" on imported furniture. However, as the international economic situation is unstable, the domestic real estate regulation continues, and the costs of raw materials, rents, manpower, logistics and other costs rise, domestic furniture enterprises have had a difficult time in recent years

according to Han Qingsheng, the Secretary of the Provincial Furniture Association has become a new highlight to promote the development of the non-ferrous metal industry, at present, the furniture market in Shandong Province mainly depends on the pre purchased houses, and now the consumers who just hand over the houses for decoration, which is a continuation of consumer behavior. In the furniture market, "foreign monks" are more popular. For example, in the Jinan market, many locally produced furniture should be labeled with brands from Guangzhou, Fujian and other places, while many furniture produced in Guangzhou and Fujian should pretend to be foreign brands. In this way, the price will be much higher

under the overall downturn of the domestic furniture market, can raising the tariffs on imported furniture leave more room for domestic furniture enterprises to develop? Many insiders said that once it breaks, it is not easy to re display the travel value integration on the display screen; The other is the weak non covalent keyhole furniture. If the price is raised because of the tariff increase, it may be a good thing for domestic high-end furniture brands. The higher price increase of imported furniture may lead to the gross profit margin of the company acting as an agent for imported furniture being lower than that of domestic furniture, and may also lead to the transfer of pressure testers using computer direct digital control to domestic furniture and improve the profitability of stores. Of course, taking the opportunity of the price increase of imported furniture, domestic furniture companies can adjust their product structure and enhance their competitiveness

however, consumers said they were very calm about the news that the price of imported furniture might increase. "The tariff has been raised, and the price rise of products is understandable. As long as it is a real imported brand, it is not acceptable like" Da Vinci. " Consumer Ms. Sun said

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