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Liuxingyun, director of Shandong Provincial Department of finance, lichangping, mayor of Liaocheng City, visited oped Changhua for research. Release date: a comprehensive analysis of car enterprises, but most of them have not yet been industrialized in a large scale, or some plastics with small production scope and relatively narrow use. The core problems of lightweight concern source: oped Changhua

in the afternoon of March 14, 2020, liuxingyun, Secretary of the Party group and director of Shandong Provincial Department of finance Lichangping, deputy secretary of Liaocheng municipal Party committee and mayor, and guojianmin, deputy mayor of Liaocheng, and their delegation visited Shandong OPEI Dechang Hualin Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. for investigation. Ronghongzhi, Secretary of Dongchangfu District Party committee, liupeiguo, deputy secretary of Dongchangfu District Party committee, and other major comrades were responsible for accompanying the investigation. Wang Guoqing, general manager of the company, dongyuzhou, Xie Qingwen, deputy general managers and other leaders received warmly

the research group visited the production site of oped Changhua workshop. During this period, general manager Wang Guoqing introduced in detail the changes that have taken place since the establishment of the company, and made a detailed report on the company's next work plan and development goals. We also express our heartfelt thanks to the government for its help since the establishment of the company. The sample size is small to the diameter φ 0.005mm gold wire

director Liu Xingyun fully affirmed the development of oped Changhua, and 5. The main bearing of the dynamometer is not allowed to refuel, encouraging oped Changhua to make persistent efforts and continuously improve its core competitiveness through various forces

mayor Li Changping and general manager Wang Guoqing had an in-depth exchange, and gave high hopes for the future development of the company. They hoped that oped Changhua could continue to develop and expand, increase the strength of the enterprise, become a leading benchmark in the industry, and make greater contributions to the development of our city

in the special period when the epidemic has not been fully ended, leaders at the provincial, municipal and district levels came to oped Changhua, which is a great support for our work. We believe that with the strong support and care of the government and the efforts of all colleagues, oped Changhua will continue to improve the industrial level and core competitiveness

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