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NPC deputy Liu ruopung suggested accelerating the construction of artificial intelligence coverage network

National People's modulus of elasticity major representative Liu ruopung accepted an interview, photographed by suoyouwei

(express delivery of the two sessions) NPC deputy Liu ruopung suggested accelerating the construction of artificial intelligence coverage network

China Singapore, Beijing, March 9 (suoyouwei) "As the fourth industrial revolution enters the next decade, the use of large-scale intelligent systems will improve the operational efficiency of the whole society across generations. Therefore, relying on artificial intelligence coverage technology to integrate isolated individuals, regions, environments and other physical worlds into a large-scale real-time dynamic perception will be the last kilometer of the digital revolution and the key to achieving higher quality development." Liu ruopung, deputy to the National People's Congress, President of Shenzhen Guangqi Institute of higher technology and chairman of Guangqi technology, said in an interview on March 9

at this session of the National People's Congress, Liu ruopung made suggestions to accelerate the construction of digital infrastructure, promote the development of artificial intelligence coverage network, and cultivate new kinetic energy for economic growth

Liu ruopung said that "artificial intelligence coverage" technology changed the layout of intelligent capabilities from a single point to a shape coverage for the first time, realizing the omnipresence of intelligent sensing, computing, analysis and processing capabilities. It has become a new type of infrastructure to truly depict and predict the world with high digitalization, making cities smarter and societies more efficient, and making the vision of "staying indoors at night and finding nothing left on the road" a reality

Liu ruopung mentioned that over the years, Guangdong Province has vigorously promoted the layout of digital Guangdong Construction and intelligent manufacturing development. Guangdong should grasp the trend, integrate the resources of all parties in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, speed up the construction of artificial intelligence coverage network, build a new generation of information infrastructure, build a smart city cluster, promote the pilot demonstration of new smart cities and the construction of the Pearl River Delta national big data comprehensive pilot zone, and lead the era of intelligent economy

the application of artificial intelligence in various fields will accelerate the construction of intelligent cities. Liu ruopung believes that the development process of smart city is the process of deepening and strengthening the restoration of the digital world to the physical world. It has gone through 1.0 archive digitization stage, 2.0 business data connection stage, and 3.0 quasi-static and static data perception and modeling stage. At present, it is entering the artificial intelligence coverage stage of 4.0 real-time dynamic target digitization, and will eventually develop into the 5.0 Central Intelligence stage to realize a new mode and system of highly intelligent social governance and operation, production organization, and citizen service

"Guangqi AI coverage adopts the coverage area as the main indicator in a breakthrough way," Liu ruopung said. As early as 2015, the country has launched the "bright project" to achieve the overall goal of "full coverage, full sharing, full-time availability and full-time control" of video surveillance. However, in the past three years, the construction goal has not been fully achieved, because the construction of "bright project" in various places generally takes the number and density of cameras as the key measurement standard, which is not completely matched with the standard with a diameter of 40mm for the total construction project

Liu ruopung said that the traditional method of setting up cameras is like the door-to-door installation of fixed phones in those days. No matter how many installations are based on the performance of the yield point in the stretching process, they can only meet the needs of each family, "Ai coverage is a super digital system composed of photoelectric sensing coverage and matrix intelligent engine, which can holographically map the real-time dynamic targets of the city. That is to say, there is no need to show certificates, and there is no need to make any expression or gesture. In the case of insensibility, Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes you. This set of highly intelligent infrastructure can realize the intelligent tracking and digital construction of massive targets File description and precise restoration "

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