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Go straight to the Expo: iFLYTEK liuqingfeng suggested promoting the establishment of artificial intelligence application standards

in science fiction movies, we often see such a plot: in the future of the extreme development of science and technology, artificial intelligence rules the earth, and once high spirited humans are forced to hide in narrow and dark caves, with rich and diverse situations or underground, struggling to survive. Over the years, with the birth and development of artificial intelligence, a thought about the future has been lingering in people's hearts: will artificial intelligence threaten the status of mankind? In response to this problem, at the recent Second China International Import Expo, liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, expressed his views

from November 5 to 10, the second China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai, attended by political, business, academic circles and representatives of international organizations from more than 170 countries and regions

at the invitation of the Ministry of Commerce, iFLYTEK appeared at the National Exhibition of the Expo for the second consecutive year. On November 5, at the sub forum of Hongqiao International Economic Forum "artificial intelligence and innovative development: ideas, technologies and markets", national representatives and economists expressed their views on artificial intelligence and multilateral cooperation, including liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK

privacy challenges under artificial intelligence

about the development of artificial intelligence, an urgent problem is data privacy. Not long ago, a topic about the risk of personal information disclosure caused by "face brushing" caused heated discussion. In this regard, liuqingfeng said that many people are very worried about the use of data. Today, data needs to be desensitized and layered before it can be given to entrepreneurs or enterprises. Everyone is also studying how to do more things with smaller data, but it will still involve who will layer, how to layer, and who will manage layers. This requires relevant standards to supervise. The future is not artificial intelligence, but human beings who master artificial intelligence

at the same time, Liu Qingfeng also said: the first step in the era of artificial intelligence is to formulate standards, especially application standards, followed by the establishment of a legal system. According to him, two months ago, Shanghai University of political science and law established the artificial intelligence law school. The significance of this move is to consider how to formulate laws in the era of artificial intelligence and how to formulate them quickly, so as to prevent future disasters, but there is no corresponding mechanism to deal with them

apply standards to guide technology to the good

"AI has changed society too fast, but technology is neutral." Liu Qingfeng said at the sub forum, "For example, our intelligent medical assistant passed the comprehensive written examination of the national medical practitioner qualification examination in 17 years, and initially has the potential to be a general practitioner. But it is not allowed by law, so now doctors and AI can see a doctor together. Machines can become a good helper for basic doctors. Using AI in the background can greatly improve the medical treatment level of front-line doctors. It can not only be given according to various cases in history It is suggested that the overall data can also be used for mutual reference and analysis, which is difficult to do manually, and it will greatly improve the medical level. "

the relationship between artificial intelligence and people has never been antagonistic and contradictory. From the beginning, the purpose of human research on artificial intelligence is to help them realize their greater dreams. At a time when artificial intelligence is in the ascendant, we should gradually establish perfect application standards and business laws, build orderly humanistic ethics, and effectively guide science and technology to the good." ", can we really let people stand on the shoulders of artificial intelligence and do more meaningful things.

artificial intelligence is like a human child. From birth, it is white. How should we identify the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic universal testing machine? First of all, we can inspect the appearance of the electronic universal testing machine. A piece of paper, and in the future, what role it will grow into, also needs people to guide carefully from now on. Because it can accurately There is also reason to believe that, with the joint efforts of the industry, the healthy development of artificial intelligence will further promote social progress and write a heavy color for human history

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