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Liuwankang, mayor of Luoyang, went to Longhai glass for investigation and research

recently, liuwankang, deputy secretary of Luoyang Municipal Party committee and mayor, led the heads of municipal committees and bureaus and 17 County heads to visit Longhai glass to observe and supervise the construction of the technological transformation project of the third generation Longhai information display ultra-thin substrate glass production line. He Wuzhou, the mayor of Yanshi City, Ma Yan, the general manager of the company, and Wang Guoqiang, the Secretary of the Party committee of the company, accompanied the visitors

Longhai glass information display ultra thin substrate glass production line technological transformation project was listed as "key project construction" by Henan Province and Luoyang City in 2017; It was listed in the "construction of ten key projects" by Yanshi City. Through the efforts of the builders, the number of material types applicable to the technical transformation project was impressive in June, 2019. On the 12th, the introduction board was successful, so that the construction of Longhai glass project entered a new stage of finishing and trial production

in the spacious and bright workshop, Wang Guoqiang introduced to Mayor Liu Wankang and his delegation the achievements made in the research and development of new products, technological innovation and the transformation of technological achievements of the last kiln production line of Longhai glass. The progress of the project construction was reported from four aspects: technological transformation, intelligent transformation and "smart factory construction" and management, the wide application of energy-saving new materials and equipment, and the production of world-class high-quality products

then, Mayor Liu Wankang and his party entered the purification plant to have a close contact with the production and manufacturing process of ultra-thin electronic glass products, and asked the local government to actively create a good business environment, attract large enterprises like Lobo to invest and start businesses, and make contributions to the local economic development

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