Liushi, the hottest city, is marching towards a sm

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Liushi is marching towards a smart electrical town

"the lotus leaf skirt is cut in one color, and the hibiscus opens on both sides of the face." Recently, more than 30 mu of lotus in Mengqing lake, chandong village, Liushi Town, ushered in the blooming season. The blue waves rippled and the clear lotus filled the pond. Fourorfive people came to visit it every day. It is inconceivable that two years ago, the place was littered with garbage and swarms of mosquitoes, and villagers took detours one after another

"we start with the infrastructure construction in the village and continue to improve the environmental construction. The talented people and volunteers in the village alone spontaneously raised 1.78 million yuan." The relevant person in charge of the village committee of toad East Village said that now, the "eight scenes of toad East", which have disappeared for more than 40 years, have been excavated and become a good place for villagers and tourists to relax and entertain

the butterfly transformation in toad East Village is an epitome of Liushi's "landscape painting". This small town, which has many energy-saving lamp business cards of various national brands, such as "China's capital of electrical appliances", "China's top 100 famous towns" and "national civilized villages and towns", was listed in the list of "top 50 small towns with Chinese characteristics" released by the National Development and Reform Commission not long ago

located in the birthplace of China's private economy, Liushi takes industrial electrical appliances as the leading industry, and there are nearly 8000 enterprises. In recent years, relying on its electrical industry foundation and regional advantages, and taking the construction of intelligent electrical towns as a platform, it has actively planned industrial transformation and upgrading, and constantly promoted the transformation of old and new kinetic energy

at present, Xu Shengming, a professor of Tsinghua University and vice president of Jiangxi University of technology, with a total area of 580000 square meters, previously said that the CNEEC electrical appliance city with a total investment of 3.7 billion yuan has been partially completed and put into use. It is planned to be built into a global business with a large scale, a wide range of goods, or it cannot be tested on this machine The circulation center and industrial service base of electrical and electrical products with perfect service functions will create the "capital of electrical appliances in the world"

during the construction of the electric appliance city, guoleqing power supply company 13 Explosion proof target: avoid battery explosion injury to people and things for 4 weeks The staff of siliu power supply station are running on the front line. "The power customer manager has repeatedly inspected the door-to-door connection with users, determined the power supply scheme, and delivered power 20 days in advance, ensuring that CNEEC electric appliance city was put into use." Liangjianbin, director of Liushi Power Supply Bureau, said, "at present, the third phase of the electric city is under construction, and the customer manager has tracked users' electricity demand in advance to provide users with high-quality electricity services at the fastest speed."

"with the rapid development of Liushi economy and the continuous growth of social power load, it is particularly important to meet the power demand of Liushi town for further development." Liang Jianbin said, "in view of the above situation, two 110 kV power transmission and transformation projects, Xiangbei and Damo, have been started in the past two years. It is expected that after these two projects are put into operation in the second half of the year, the tension of regional power consumption in Liushi town will be alleviated."

with the strong guarantee of electricity, Liushi town will continue to improve the cluster advantages of the private economy and the supporting capacity of the whole industrial chain, providing development space for small and medium-sized enterprises. The "makeup" of the town is becoming more and more beautiful, and the transportation of the city is becoming more and more accessible. The pace of Liushi towards an intelligent electrical town is more calm and firm

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