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Kaixian liujiuqing: innovation has transformed him from a painter to an industry "expert"

Kaixian liujiuqing: innovation has transformed him from a painter to an industry "expert"

October 13, 2011

[China paint information] recently, Kaixian County, Chongqing grandly commended the third session of labor models and advanced workers. In order to learn their advanced deeds of self-improvement, courage to be first, hard work, unremitting struggle and selfless dedication, We vigorously advocate the social custom of respecting labor, knowledge, talents and creativity in the whole society, give full play to the typical role of education and demonstration, and create an atmosphere of learning from, comparing with and striving for advancement. From today on, this newspaper has launched a series of reports on the deeds of labor models and advanced workers. Please pay attention

he dropped out of junior high school to work, and through hard self-study, he compiled a textbook on technological operation process - "modern painting manual"

he, an ordinary spray paint worker, has become an excellent manager of the company through selfless dedication

he is liujiuqing, the third model worker of Kaixian County and the section chief of Chongqing Xingxing suit door Co., Ltd

On October 9, in an interview, he said again: "I thank the county Party committee and the county government for giving me such a high honor. In fact, I am just an ordinary worker. In my job, I just did what I should do."

"you can't have no diploma, you can't have no knowledge. The big classroom of production practice still cultivates people."

"I am an ordinary worker." Liu Jiuqing likes to introduce himself in this way wherever he goes

Liu Jiuqing was born in a peasant family. Because his family was not rich, he dropped out of junior high school to work. Before coming to Chongqing Xingxing company, he went to Guangdong and Hubei to work successively. He worked as a carpenter and miner, all of which were hard work. After removing the living expenses and accommodation expenses every month, there was little left, often no food except rice. Liu Jiuqing always sighs when recalling the previous days. "I also opened a furniture store. I didn't make any money, but I owed a lot of debt. It was not until I came to work in Xingxing company in September, 2001 that my life took a turn." Liu Jiuqing said with a smile

although the short entrepreneurial experience has stopped, Liu Jiuqing's desire for knowledge has never stopped. He once said that people can't live without diplomas and knowledge. The big classroom of production practice still cultivates people

Liu Jiuqing regards his work post as a classroom, production practice as a textbook, equipment failure as a topic, and his workmates with skills around him as teachers, so he studies and studies hard

"he holds up a book every night and reads it with relish. He has to urge three people and invite four people to eat every day." Speaking of this, Liu Jiuqing's wife "poured bitter water"

through hard practice on the post and his tenacious research, Liu Jiuqing quickly grew into an "expert" in the factory. As long as he "touches" the machine, he can generally know where the fault is and how to eliminate it

don't give in to fate, junior high school dropouts can also write textbooks

when Liu Jiuqing first entered the company, the company's painting operation was still manual. This manual operation mode has low production efficiency, large waste of paint 325 dance hall, large environmental pollution and great damage to the health of employees. And it is difficult to control the quality of batch products, which can not meet the needs of mass production. Liu Jiuqing saw it in his eyes and was anxious in his heart

in 2004, with the development of the company, semi-automatic production lines gradually replaced manual painting. The semi-automatic production line has greatly improved the product quality, production efficiency and health protection of employees. However, because the company has recruited many new workers, they can not adapt to the new production line, so that the new production line can not play its due role. This problem is in front of Liu Jiuqing, who just took the post of section chief

"Everyone who knows me knows that although my culture is not high, I like to study and study. I often read books on process technology and management in my spare time. One night, when I was reading a painting process book published by the chemical industry press, I suddenly thought: if I could write a painting process manual so that new employees can follow rules in operation, wouldn't it greatly improve production efficiency The next day, I reported my idea to the workshop director, who also supported my idea. Just do it. I use my break time to start writing manuals. "

although Liu Jiuqing has many years of practical experience in painting, his cultural level is limited after all, and the difficulty of writing a painting manual is far beyond his imagination

"I only read junior high school, so I can't help it. I can only start from scratch. So I went to the bookstore to buy a lot of books and buried myself in self-study." Facing his shortcomings, Liu Jiuqing is very frank. After more than three months of efforts, he compiled the modern painting manual based on years of production experience, on-the-job training experience and relevant national standards. The manual comprehensively, scientifically and systematically regulates the processes such as coating pretreatment, air spraying, electrostatic spraying, high-pressure airless spraying, paint booth, etc

"this manual plays a great role. Even a new worker who has never touched the nozzle can carry out basic painting operations without master's instruction after reading the book." The senior person in charge of the company spoke highly of the manual compiled by Liu Jiuqing, praising him as a "blue collar expert"

nowadays, the modern painting manual compiled by Liu Jiuqing has become a must learn textbook for new employees in the paint shop. Painting according to the manual not only greatly improves the product quality and production progress, but also greatly reduces the production cost. It is reported that since the launch of the modern painting manual, the product quality has increased from the original one-time acceptance rate of 92% to 99%. In 2010, only the European spraying section saved 520000 yuan

"only by creating greater value and making more contributions to society can people live a valuable life."

last March, the company carried out large-scale new product research and development. As the main product researcher, Liu Jiuqing devoted himself to new product research and development. He insisted on coming to work first every day and leaving the workshop last at night

at that time, in order to complete the task of trial production of new products and catch up with the progress, Liu Jiuqing led his employees to work overtime and hard for more than 10 hours. If you are hungry, fill a few mouthfuls of cold water; Tired, just lie on the ground for two minutes. These and other problems often appear

once, Liu Jiuqing accidentally cut his hand while operating the machine. Without saying anything, he filled a basin of water, took it to the chair at the corner of the door, and quietly scrubbed it, for fear that his workmates would see his wound

but the "secret" was caught by the workmates. Looking at the wound of the section chief, the workers' eyes were moist. After knowing this, the company leader "ordered" him to go home and have a rest, but Liu Jiuqing said, "experimental production is about to start, and I can't leave at this time."

"during that time, Lao Liu worked hard for the enterprise and lost more than ten kilograms." Liu Jiuqing's wife is so distressed that it can't affect his work, so she can only quietly wipe her tears

with the efforts of liujiuqing and others, they completed the task of trial production of new products with quality and quantity, and also won the praise of the company's leaders. During this period, Liu Jiuqing and his colleagues completed more than 10 technical transformation projects, which brought economic benefits of more than 1 million yuan to the enterprise

since becoming the section chief, Liu Jiuqing has made the factory his home and went to the workshop to inspect as soon as he is free. Even if no one goes to work, he should look here and there for fear that there are hidden safety hazards in any corner

he once gave his heart to his workmates: "after joining the work, he also showed his importance to the Chinese market for a long time. Equipped with three groups of fixed fixtures, he spent time thinking about making more money and making his family rich. Now, I increasingly feel that only by creating greater value and making more contributions to the society can people live a valuable life."

how true it is

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