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Wuhan CPPCC Chairman Liu Shanbi inspected Chenming: high standards for environmental protection

on November 13, Wuhan CPPCC Chairman Liu Shanbi pointed out during his inspection of Hanyang Chenming paper company that although it has passed the acceptance of the State Environmental Protection Administration, it is necessary to strive for high standards in environmental protection work and leave a good ecological environment for children and grandchildren. This year, Chenming Paper overcame the adverse effects of SARS, pollution accidents, fires, etc. without impact and vibration in the experimental process, and achieved good results. By the end of October, the output value was 842million yuan, the sales revenue was 1.036 billion yuan, the profit and tax was 232 million yuan, and the profit was 148 million yuan. After listening to the rectification of the company's environmental protection problems some time ago and the work ideas for next year, Liu Shanbi pointed out that efforts should be made to improve the core competitiveness by focusing on one industry and diversified operation. We should strengthen management, strengthen cost awareness, and seek benefits from management. We should adjust the product structure, improve the scientific and technological content of products, and make an issue of innovation

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