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The price trend of North American pulp and paper is of concern

China pulp and paper business compilation report. It has just passed three days in October. Although not all transactions are like this, it seems that North American pulp will be accepted by the U.S. market according to the price increase of $15 per ton of Huihao company, rather than the $30 required by other manufacturers. Huihao announced an increase of $15 per ton in pulp prices in the United States and Europe in October and November. According to market sources, Baoshui and canFor have informed users to reduce the price increase in the U.S. market in October to $15 per ton, instead of the $30 they announced earlier. As a result, the selling price of northern bleached coniferous kraft pulp in the U.S. market is $565/ton. Based on the price increase of $15 per ton, energy saving is due to good initial mechanical properties. An important consideration is that in the American market, the price of Baoshui's southern bleached coniferous kraft pulp and Northern bleached broad-leaved kraft pulp is $545/ton; Nanfangpiao, which is impossible in the vertical experiment) the price of white broad-leaved kraft pulp is $535/ton. It is still unclear whether the producer will raise the price by $15 per ton in November after raising the price by $15 per ton in October. Content introduction: but it is certain that there was no expected increase in paper demand in the United States and Europe in September. The factors that can affect the price will depend on the number of purchases in Asia in October and whether the US dollar depreciates further

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