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On February 20, 2012, North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the Intel intelligent solutions market promotion seminar held in Shenzhen Bolin Novotel Hotel. The whole seminar was carried out around keynote speeches, introduction and sales guidance of the third generation intel core processor platform, solution display, Intel Borui technology sales guide and successful case sharing, market positioning and joint marketing

this time, the export of Intel's research loader showed a clear warming trend. The seminar not only provided the participating companies with sales guidance, market competition positioning analysis, Intel's latest platform introduction, but also provided the participating companies with an opportunity to show the solutions based on the latest Ivy bridge platform on site. North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with high-performance ATX motherboard atx-6931 based on Intel Ivy bridge platform, pos-7933 motherboard for self-service terminal and full-length CPU card sh1.5875mmb-960. This series of solutions based on the 22nm intel core processor of the third generation are built in to support DirectX 11 GPU, pci-e3.0, and native SA. The utilization fields include automobile interior and exterior surfaces, building curtain walls and windows, clothing and textiles, anti-counterfeiting labels, brand protection and sensor TA 6gbps, native USB3.0, and Intel vPro technology

this symposium also provides a platform for embedded intelligent solution providers to communicate. Participating companies share the latest platform innovation with Intel. At the same time, Intel's introduction to its upcoming Ivy bridge platform also gave the participating companies a further understanding of this new generation of core platform

through this seminar, North China industrial control learned about the advantages and performance of Intel's new platform, its market competitive positioning and Intel's joint marketing plan. It will further realize seamless cooperation with Intel, cooperate with Intel in product planning, marketing strategy and other aspects, and jointly promote the application of various innovative embedded intelligent solutions in the market

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