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The North Trade Fair is icing on the cake: 195 glass fiber reinforced plastic flowerpots decorate the main street of Yanji

in order to make the North Trade Fair icing on the cake, the garden Department of Yanji Forestry Bureau carefully cultivated more than 70000 flower seedlings, and let 195 glass fiber reinforced plastic flowerpots full of flower seedlings add summer flavor to the main streets of Yanji

according to the gardening Department of Yanji Forestry Bureau, due to the climate, the city's flower planting work this year was several days ahead of last year. The gardeners were so busy that they worked overtime to transplant all the more than 70000 seedlings to the Large FRP flowerpots on the roadside. It is understood that a total of 195 Large FRP flowerpots were set up in the city this year, which were placed on both sides of Guangming Street and Henan Street in Yanji City, at various bridgeheads in the city, and at the square in front of the railway station

due to the warmer weather and the rising temperature, the survival rate of the planted flowers is very high. Over the past few days, the garden department has sent workers and sprinklers to maintain flowers and plants every day, fertilize and water them. When the temperature is high, water them once in the morning and once in the evening. According to the staff, there are a variety of ornamental flowers in the urban area this year, including more than 10 varieties, such as Catharanthus roseus, morning glory, peacock grass, and Chuanhong. This year, the city has requirements that the variety, placement, planting density and design modeling of flowers should be more strict. The planting density of flowers should be increased, so that when flowers bloom, the soil cannot be exposed, and there should be some innovation in modeling, such as boldly entering 5, regularly protecting the color matching every 3-6 months, effectively reducing energy storage time and energy saving, increasing the geometric modeling of various flowers, and highlighting the visual beauty

in this year's flower planting work, the gardening department should also remind the general public not to trample on flowers and plants at will or uproot flowers and plants for their own. It is hoped that the general public can cherish the establishment of the urban branch, which has opened the green fruits of a new mode of cooperation between scientific research institutions and production enterprises, and cherish every plant and tree in the city

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