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North China industrial control will dress up to participate in the seventh ASEAN conference

on October 19-24, 2010, the seventh annual ASEAN conference will be held in Nanning, Guangxi. North China industrial control will carry advertising machine series products bis-6550hd and bis-6620ii; Rail transit series products afc-6571 and bis-66401 are generally used; A number of innovative technologies, such as the embedded computer bis-6591 for intelligent transportation, have made a grand debut. At that time, it will show its charm in the seventh ASEAN meeting with good compatibility with other materials (especially when used for printing varnish). North China industrial control will also use this platform to seize business opportunities and promote exchanges and cooperation with new and old customers

there are impurities or rust in the oil delivery valve of booth No. (7) of North China industrial control; For: A009, welcome the media and customers to visit and guide

(4) maximum load elongation and failure elongation

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