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North China industrial control 15 "touch new LCD Tablet PC PPC

recently, North China industrial control released another new product. Ppc-3315g, a touch LCD tablet based on Intel Bay trail SOC 15, made a dazzling debut. This dazzling industrial touch LCD tablet with extraordinary connotation can provide customers with better, more reliable and more stable solutions in various intelligent application fields

when it comes to tablet computers, you may think of Apple's iPad. Indeed, Apple's iPad style means that it can meet the needs of more than half of the roads in the Russian Federation. It is very popular and famous in the world, but it is only commercial grade or civil grade. Today's touch LCD tablet ppc-3315g is industrial grade. Although iPad is powerful in the civil field, it may also become a greenhouse flower in the industrial environment. Because the industrial environment is sometimes very bad, and the requirements for product reliability and durability are very high, many equipment still need 24x7h operation. In this way, the selection of industrial tablets with higher reliability and stability can provide professional technical support for industrial computer hardware products for all kinds of intelligent devices that require higher stability and need long-term operation

this newly produced 15 touch LCD tablet ppc-3315g has a bright and reliable external configuration, which is worthy of a commendable industrial grade. It adopts 15 bright LED backlight LCD screen and infrared touch screen; The chassis is made of high-strength galvanized sheet with 6061 aluminum alloy panel. After high-temperature paint baking treatment, it is not only solid, but also beautiful; The dust-proof design of the whole machine, and the waterproof grade of the panel reaches IP66, which makes it safe in the face of harsh environments such as humidity and dust; The maximum brightness of the screen is 400cd/m, and the screen resolution supports 1024 768. The screen adopts HD configuration, which has better display effect and visual experience

let's talk about the internal configuration of this touch LCD tablet ppc-3315g! This industrial product adopts Intel Celeron processor J1900 (2m cache, up to 2.42 GHz) 4-core processor, which has good performance and high cost performance; One ddr3l sodimm, supporting ddr3l-1333, with a maximum of 4GB; Inand flash 8g/16g/32g is optional (16g by default); Support HDMI HD display; Support 6x USB2.0 and 5x com; 1 SIM card slot, supporting 3 but not knowing g module; One SD card slot, supporting 32g. The internal configuration of ppc-3315g can fully meet the technical requirements for many applications

product parameters:

this industrial grade touch LCD tablet computer ppc-3315g, with its good configuration, strong shock and damage resistance, adaptability to harsh environments, wide temperature range, high reliability and other industrial grade excellent quality, can be used in POS machines, intelligent express cabinets, automatic teller machines (ATMS), lottery ticket machines, self-service ticket machines and other self-service terminal devices in various application fields, Provide customers with technical support for professional computer hardware products

today, when the Chinese dream is fully implemented, and at a time when intelligent manufacturing in China has become an industry consensus, the wind of intellectualization will surely prevail in Kyushu in the future. The demand for intelligent hardware, especially industrial professional computer hardware, will show a geometric growth trend. North China industrial control has reviewed the situation and continuously launched various high-quality industrial computer hardware to meet the needs of the industry to fully promote intelligent travel in the world. Now the new industrial touch LCD tablet ppc-3315g is a salute to the age of intelligence

Introduction to North China industrial control:

North China industrial control, a leader in the professional computer industry and a leader in the field of industrial control computers. We have been deeply engaged in the industrial computer industry for decades, and our quality and reputation have won high praise from the industry and the market. North China industrial control's main products today cover industrial CPU cards, embedded industrial motherboards, embedded quasi systems, industrial chassis, integrated workstations, industrial tablet computers (PPC), network security quasi systems, disk arrays, passive backplanes, industrial power supplies and industrial computer accessories

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