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North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. participated in the 2011 Australian CeBIT exhibition

on June 2, 2011, the 2011 International Information and communication and software technology breakthrough Expo in the fields of automobile, high-speed rail, aviation and industrial utilization (CeBIT exhibition) ended successfully in Australia. North China industrial control Co., Ltd. successfully participated in the exhibition again. This time, products including embedded motherboard, embedded computer, network security platform, storage series and so on were selected to participate in the exhibition. North China industrial control has always maintained a focused and pragmatic style of exhibition, presenting customers with a visual feast of industrial control products

North China industrial control, which is used to measure the chemical properties of materials, namely the chemical composition, participated in the exhibition for the second time to establish the innovative technical strength of industrial control enterprises. The products exhibited by North China industrial control include: atom e6xx computer module som-6670 of qsven specification, multimedia advertising machine bis-6550 based on Intel Atom N270 processor, embedded mini computer, POS special motherboard, industrial machine, installation platform, disk array and other industry-specific computer products

North China industrial control staff introduced and displayed products for on-site customers

North China industrial control staff communicated with customers on-site

these products are based on the latest Intel processors, with low power consumption, strong performance, good compatibility, easy to be embedded into various devices to realize intelligent applications

North China industrial control has made continuous efforts for many years to build a leading national industrial control brand. The innovative technology products exhibited in this exhibition are very concerned by on-site customers. The on-site staff inspection center of North China industrial control also warmly welcomes customers who come to visit and negotiate. Through exchanges with on-site staff, customers have a deeper understanding of the hot products of North China industrial control and 20 innovative products that have been able to operate for 11 years because of its equipment

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