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North American Printing Market Outlook 2007: ready to take off

under the background of economic prosperity and the continuous development of the advertising industry, nearly 50% of the domestic market has always been occupied by imported products, the demand of the printing market has greatly increased. In the past three years, the printing market in North America has shown a strong growth trend, providing a good profit opportunity for printers and related suppliers. In the last quarter of 2006, the overall economic development situation seemed to be less optimistic than that in the first three quarters of 2006. What impact did these signals have on the economic development in 2007? Pia/gatf (printing technology foundation of American Printing Industry Association and dewatering methods mainly include sieve dewatering and centrifugal filtration dewatering) has made a detailed market environment survey for its members, and looks forward to the printing market from 2007 to 2008 to show its direction

The prediction made by pia/gatf on the economic environment and the printing market shows that the printing market will continue to grow in 2007, but the speed will slow down. This situation will be improved to a certain extent in 2008. The analysis further points out that although the economic situation will continue to grow, affected by the real estate market and other related markets, the economic cycle began to be in a period of slow adjustment, and the economic growth rate in 2007 was probably reduced to between 1% and 2%. Inflation will be further controlled, the labor market will remain relatively tight, and the unemployment rate will rise slightly, but it will ease compared with 2006

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