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North China industrial control has launched a new generation of storage products - DS

the competition in the storage market has always been very fierce, and innovative technology has become a magic weapon for many enterprises to make a successful breakthrough. North China industrial control, which has been committed to the storage market, has launched a series of products ds-1600 for large-scale database applications, data intensive applications, video, medical imaging, high bandwidth storage solutions, DVR storage, centralized data storage, file servers, remote disaster recovery storage, and external direct storage applications by adopting standardized components and simplified architecture design

ds-1600 is the second generation of 16 Bay storage series products launched by North China industrial control, which is composed of intelligent cabinets and controller modules. The cabinet ds-1600 includes the chassis, power module, fan module, backplane, front panel LCM, hard disk box and other modules except the controller. It needs to be used with the controller. For the box ds-1600 and different storage application directions, North China industrial control has specially developed eight control modules with different performance. With different control modules, the ds-1600 can provide customers with professional storage solutions such as SAS control, SATA expand, SAS JBOD, fibre to SAS, iSCSI to SAS, iSCSI to sample holder SATA, etc

ds-1600 series has smooth arc design, fashionable and beautiful, 3U can be put on the shelf, supports hot plug 16 Bay, modular structure design, no internal wiring, high reliability; The product is easy to upgrade and maintain. For low-end, middle-end or high-end applications, as long as different control modules are used, the purpose can be achieved

according to Zhou Gong, an engineer of North China industrial control storage products, the biggest feature of ds-1600 series storage products is the modularization of design. The power supply, fan, controller and memory are all separate modules. With the redundancy brought by variable components, power supply and fan, it can effectively improve the reliability of operation

unlike low-priced home storage products, ds-1600 series storage products are for enterprise applications. A single machine provides 16 hard disk bits, which can support SAS or SATA interface hard disks of various capacities on the market. Different controllers meet different needs, and many can support 256 hard disks, creating massive storage

in order to realize more convenient installation and operation, the guide rail positions of the server rack are reserved on both sides of the ds-1600 host. As long as the guide rail is installed, it can be easily installed on the server rack. Standard 3U structure, which can be mounted on the rack (rail or screw fixation) and desktop applications (using brackets). It can also detect the function of the power module, power voltage, temperature of each temperature zone and fan speed in real time, and intelligently adjust the speed of each fan according to the temperature. If there is any abnormality in the module, it will give an alarm in real time

storage products are different from ordinary IT products. It is difficult to engage in maintenance without relevant professional knowledge, and ordinary enterprises cannot be equipped with such a complete set of IT personnel. Ds-1600 is modular and easy to maintain. There are no hot pluggable fans, power supplies, controllers, and plug-in box modules inside the chassis, which enable easy and fast installation and maintenance, and high reliability. High reliable connectors are used for the connection between modules; Especially for the connection of controller module, vhdm connector with high speed signal and high reliability is used

ds-1600 supports LCM management, LED LCD status display, can clearly display fan status, temperature, voltage, power supply, alarm and other information, and supports simple raid setting and IP setting display

intellectualization is a major trend in the development of storage products. Ds-1600 adopts industrial technology to realize intelligent temperature and fan speed adjustment. It automatically adjusts the fan module speed according to the temperature of the three temperature zones, extends the fan life, and reduces noise while ensuring the heat dissipation of the chassis; Dual power load balancing technology ensures the equal distribution of the two power loads; And when one power supply fails, the other power supply will continue to work to ensure data security; Hard disk group power on and group detection to reduce impulse current

being infinitely close to the user, you can click "reset" to stop resetting the current force value, which is one of the goals that North China industrial control has always pursued. Whether the ds-16 verification automatic tensile testing machine released this time is qualified 00 also shows its attention to customer application details. Ds-1600 is customized for desktop users. It can choose mute menu to reduce noise first. But when the temperature exceeds the predetermined temperature, it will automatically switch to normal mode to ensure safety

ds-1600 successfully integrates higher data reliability and availability, simpler storage management and comprehensively reduced energy consumption, allowing users to achieve highly reliable green data management. At present, ds-1600 has passed strict tests by all parties and will be put on the market in the near future. For more details, please click:

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