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North China industrial control is based on Intel Lingdong platform pc/104 motherboard PCMB

North China industrial control recently launched a PC104 Embedded motherboard pcmb-6872 based on Intel Atom N450. Pcmb-6872 is a 96mm ultra-low power full function embedded pc/104 CPU module that can also make a 30 ° impact 90mm size. It is based on Intel pineview-m+ich8m chipset and on-board Intel Atom N450 processor. It is compact, low power consumption, high performance, easy to expand and powerful. It can be widely used in many embedded occasions. At present, it is an ideal choice in digital signage, information control, automatic ticket sales, video monitoring, industrial control and other industries

North China industrial control pc/104 motherboard pcmb-6872 is based on the ice processor platform, supports N450, d410, D450 processors, and has 512M memory on board. It has strong logic computing ability and strong integration performance. High reliability, suitable for all kinds of harsh industrial environment applications

North China industrial control pcmb-6872 has rich i/o interfaces and is stored in the database of the machine's hard disk. Intel GMA 3150 integrated graphics card supports one VGA and one LVDS interface, which can meet the high-definition playback of pictures and videos and support independent dual display

in addition, this embedded PC104 motherboard has built-in 100M Ethernet, 1-way SATA storage and onboard SSD; It supports WOL, PXE, dash technology, supports 1 x COM1 serial port, and has four 2 x 5 pin 2.0mm pin USB interfaces. Convenient for customers to expand the function card compared with traditional plastic packaging materials

pcmb-6872 product features:

◆ based on Intel pineview-m+ich8m chipset, on-board Intel Atom N450 processor

◆ how to upgrade the memory of the onboard 512M DDR 667mhz system material testing machine

◆ support CRT and LVDS display output, and support independent dual display

◆ provide SATA and SSD dual storage mode

◆ Realtek 8103e supports 1 100M Ethernet

◆4x USB2.0/2x COM/1xPC/104+;

at present, this pc/104 motherboard pcmb-6872 of North China industrial control has been strictly tested and put into market application. The embedded module motherboard size is small, can maintain stable and efficient operation, cost-effective, convenient maintenance

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