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Changyuan Agricultural Construction Co., Ltd. teaches you how to buy small pump trucks

in the face of the current large number of small pump truck safety covers produced by two manufacturers and products, I believe that most people will suffer from selection difficulties! The price of construction machinery such as pump trucks everywhere is high, often hundreds of thousands or millions. If there is no professional vehicle inspection and evaluation service at the time of purchase, the risk is high, fatal faults are easy to be covered up, and the later maintenance and repair costs are very high, and even safety accidents may occur, resulting in large losses. So how to choose and what should we pay attention to

Changyuan Agricultural Construction Co., Ltd. teaches you how to buy a small pump truck

look at the car condition:

generally, check all the car conditions, and the whole car is free of cracking, serious deformation, and serious oil leakage. The accelerator, clutch and brake functions are normal when the whole vehicle is running

try action:

stretch the outrigger, extend the boom for many times, and try all gears; Try pumping action, install orifice and conduct high-pressure water test if possible; During the whole process, all functions are intact, and the boom moves smoothly without obvious shaking and shaking

listen to the sound:

during the whole inspection process, pay attention to the sound emitted by the equipment, which should be continuous and regular dull sound, and sharp or intermittent sound is abnormal sound, indicating that there are some faults in the equipment. The sound of engine acceleration is continuous and fast

in addition, the details of the small pump truck are also a noteworthy aspect

look at the hopper:

the hopper and the surrounding conveyor pipes and covers are the places where concrete is most likely to accumulate. If the hopper and the surrounding of the car you buy are relatively clean, it shows that the original owner loves the car and maintains it well. Congratulations, the car you buy is worth the money

test boom:

it is necessary to buy a car to test the boom, but in addition to the conventional test boom to see whether the action is normal and whether there is abnormal noise, there are also very important details that need special attention, that is, flatten the boom for more than half an hour, observe whether the boom falls off, and comprehensively test the sealing performance of the oil cylinder and balance valve

look at the tires:

after buying a second-hand car, you need to transport it back by yourself. The tires are particularly important. If you accidentally blow out on the road, you may spend a lot of money on repairing and changing the tires, or the car overturns, resulting in irreparable consequences. In order to drive home happily and make money, it is particularly important to carefully observe the damage and aging of tires

try the air conditioner:

whether the air conditioner is normal or not directly indicates whether the car is working recently, which is an embodiment of the comprehensive performance of the car. Of course, a normal air conditioner can also add a pleasant mood to the long-distance home journey

Changyuan agricultural construction professional R & D and production 25. There is also a movable small concrete pump truck with a horizontal 10 head (10 beam) to 37 meters at the top. The product has advanced design, convenient operation, good reliability of the whole machine, high operation efficiency, low fuel consumption, low noise, and is an internationally advanced concrete pumping equipment with an EBITDA (excluding special items) of 2.011 billion euros

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