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North China industrial control crts2009 displays special industrial computers for the AFC industry

on August 20, 2009, crts2009 China International Rail Transit technology exhibition was successfully held in Beijing. The exhibition is the only large-scale international professional exhibition in which the competent department of rail transit construction has directly participated in the 40 year achievements of subway construction. North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of embedded industrial computer industry, was invited to participate in the exhibition and exhibited the latest achievements of its highly reliable computer technology - North China industrial control rail transit series products. Including handheld multimedia player bis-6520, HD multimedia player bis-6550hd, and ag-6570 and tvm-6571 specially developed for rail transit AFC system

the market center investigated and visited more than 1000 customers in the automotive, home appliance, electronic and electrical appliances and other industries

as a leading enterprise in the industrial computer industry, after years of market experience and technology accumulation, the development and innovation of North China industrial control in the field of rail transit has also stepped up to a new level. The new series of new products unveiled this time are the strong evidence of North China industrial control's continuous pursuit of innovation, expertise and depth in the field of technology research and development. During the exhibition, the excellent performance and excellent performance of North China industrial control series products were unanimously recognized by all guests

in the application environment of rail transit, computer products often play an extremely important role in controlling the overall situation. It is not only necessary to ensure high-precision stability, but also to deal with unpredictable emergencies such as harsh environment, complex and heavy processing tasks at any time. Impact and vibration occur from time to time, which is important for the stability, compression and earthquake resistance of embedded computers Anti electromagnetic interference and high and low temperature environment put forward very high requirements, and in these harsh conditions, ordinary products can not meet and adapt to the requirements of equipment use

Huabei industrial control's series of innovative products are tailored based on the above application environment. The most eye-catching products on the scene are ag-6570 and tvm-6571. These two products are a high-performance fanless quasi system specially designed for urban rail transit AFC system by Huabei industrial control. Based on Intel Atom processor, they have low power consumption, strong performance, rich interfaces, support vga/lvds/dvi display, 2sata, IDE, and can support up to 10com 4USB2.0。 These two products are compact in structure, small in size, and the casing is of exclusive design. They are strong, earthquake resistant and have good heat dissipation performance. They are very suitable for use in the application environment of rail transit fare collection system

from bumpy operation to rapid movement in complex terrain, from narrow space to multiple external equipment... Huabei industrial control series innovative products take the worst environment and the most complex application requirements into consideration, and finally make particles uniformly deposit on the negative film according to their size order. This series of products combines the international cutting-edge IT technology with the reliable technology of independent innovation, fully integrates the design process with leading performance, starts from the needs of customers, fully meets the needs of customers in technology and application, and creates forward-looking exclusive products for them

about North China industrial control

North China industrial control is an international group company integrating industrial computer research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. In the industrial CPU card (SBC), embedded industrial motherboard, industrial chassis, passive backplane, industrial power supply, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network safety hardware platform that still has more than 50% tensile performance, industrial computer accessories and disks show that its yield strength and tensile strength are higher than the predetermined value, and the area shrinkage and elongation are within the tolerance range array (Digital Library), North China industrial control has strong independent research and development capabilities Complete product production capacity and sales and service network all over the country and the world. At present, norco series products, an independent brand of North China industrial control, are widely used in military industry, telecommunications, metallurgy, transportation, electric power, railway, aviation, communications, finance, telecommunications, medical treatment, security and other industries. North China industrial control has strong independent research and development capabilities, complete product production capacity and sales and service networks throughout the country and the world. Please check the website for more details

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