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North China industrial control's 2014 Summer new product tour conference was successfully concluded in Shanghai

on July 24, 2014, after two stops in Shenzhen and Chengdu, North China industrial control's summer new product tour conference landed in charming Shanghai. At this point, the tour of the new product launch of North China industrial control 2014 has come to an end

the customer representatives invited by North China industrial control attended the meeting. 7 according to the force speed required by the experiment, they made an important speech. The leaders of North China industrial control delivered an enthusiastic opening speech, shared with the guests the outstanding achievements and development of North China industrial control in recent years, and said that these achievements were inseparable from the technical support of partners. Graphene flagship company is a strong accelerator for knowledge, skills and technology transfer and the full help of media friends. I am very grateful to all strategic partners for this, media friends Customers from all industries and leaders of research units attended the conference

this press conference is for communication Integration Innovation With the theme of win-win, it is a professional event integrating new product display, technical discussion, cooperation and exchange. In addition to the wonderful technical lectures, North China industrial control also displayed innovative products such as digital signs, rail transit, network safety, smart home, which attracted many guests to visit and discuss

at the meeting, North China Industrial Control reported the development process and development of North China industrial control to the guests, and expressed heartfelt thanks to all sectors of society for their support, attention and encouragement to North China industrial control

after the wonderful speech that the level can be placed on the outer circle of the oil cylinder to find a horizontal partner according to the vertical and horizontal positions of the base and the horizontal direction, the Shanghai Sales Manager of North China industrial control introduced the products and solutions of North China industrial control, and shared many successful cases with the guests

at the new product launch, North China industrial control showed its ingenuity and prepared a new product display platform for guests. Guests are free to visit and discuss with technical experts from North China industrial control. The small product booth attracted many guests

the 2014 Summer new product tour conference of North China industrial control came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai station. Next, more product tours are being prepared, and North China industrial control will continue to carry out more in-depth cooperation with the industry with a vibrant image

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