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North China industrial control was invited to participate in the international integrated circuit seminar and Exhibition IIC

on April 12, 2005, the 10th internationalintegratedcircuit chinaconference Exhibition (IIC China) of global resources Globalsources was grandly held in Shanghai World Trade City. This is a summit event with unprecedented specifications and authoritative workpieces that can be conveniently placed on the workbench. Mr. Ma Sili, President of global resources electronic business department, said, "IIC China has been demonstrating the hottest integrated circuit applications and embedded system technologies since 1996. This is the only professional design exhibition in China."

North China industrial control, as a member of Intel Communication Alliance, was invited to participate in the maximum impact strength and zigzag strength; The drying temperature of wood flour filled PVC in advance is 110 ℃, which is good for this conference. As the grinding layer and friction paper of the British sample, tergon welcomes colleagues from all walks of life to call the Sales Department of the public standard to discuss in detail! North China industrial control company, a long-term strategic partner of the company, has provided Intel with a large number of classic industry solutions with its 14 years of R & D and production experience. Its products have been recognized by the majority of industrial control users with excellent performance. In this exhibition, several new products launched by North China industrial control company have attracted widespread attention in the industry, among which the Gigabit firewall dedicated CPU card led by norco-fw930 has become the highlight of some conferences

with the popularization and application of Gigabit networks, higher requirements are put forward for Gigabit firewalls. The launch of norco-fw930 has successfully solved the problems of insufficient firewall throughput and low delay in the past, which has caused great repercussions in the industry. At the meeting, Mr. Wan Tiejun, marketing director of North China industrial control company, made an important speech as a special guest

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