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North China industrial control: 2012 Amsterdam International Transportation Exhibition creates a grand feast of scientific and technological innovation

the world's largest international transportation management and road transportation industry expo was successfully concluded on March 30. As a global embedded solution and professional industrial control, North China industrial control launched its latest products with four modules: digital signage, rail transit, high-speed equipment, technological transformation speed highway, and monitoring system, It has created a feast of scientific and technological innovation for overseas audiences

the North China industrial control booth was crowded

North China industrial control carefully prepared and displayed a number of popular products, including the latest developed embedded motherboard, embedded quasi system and FLX series products, a new generation of advanced hardware platform with high stable wireless connection. The recommended product bis-6640, the latest chipset based on Intel platform, has strong stability, rich interfaces and strong expansion and upgrading ability. It is specially designed to meet the market demand of low-power and anti vibration embedded computers. It embodies the concept of scientific and technological innovation and industrial control in North China first

the salesperson patiently explained to the customers

it is particularly worth mentioning that the FLX solid-state computer displayed by North China industrial control in this exhibition has a flexible size, which is suitable for every occasion, and has an extremely wide range of applications. It can not only be used in the passenger information system of the rail transit industry, but the results are unsatisfactory, such as the train axle temperature monitoring system, the train image detection system, and the integrated monitoring system, It can also be used in the detection industry and the car industry, who can take the lead and win the advantage

at the exhibition site, the North China industrial control booth attracted the attention of many industry elites and internationally renowned media. As an oem/odm industrial computer company serving the world integrating R & D, production and sales, in order to ensure the purpose of high-quality products, North China industrial control has successively passed ISO9001:2008 certification and introduced an ERP management system suitable for its own actual situation. Further implement the concept of North China industrial control quality first. We expect that North China industrial control can adopt sandwich structure to produce its fiberspan brand bridge deck, so as to win a broader market by relying on scientific and technological innovation

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