Three-quarters of British public would back action

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Three-quarters of British public would back action to stop Covid jabs monopoly - Today News Post Today News || UK News

British voters would strongly support the government if it helped to enable patent-free Covid vaccines, according to a poll commissioned by campaigners — amid a growing argument over the uneven distribution of jabs around the world.

The YouGov poll is released ahead of a World Trade Organization meeting next week where more than 100 developing countries led by India and South Africa will call for a waiver of intellectual property rights of pharmaceutical companies — to enable other manufacturers to ramp up production of Covid-19 medicines, treatments and tests.

Pharmaceutical companies are jealous custodians of their patents, arguing that the only way to foster innovation is by protecting inventions and granting artificial monopolies to recoup significant research and development costs. Albert BourlaCommences depending on risk assessments such as vaccine efficacy an, the head of PfizerThe one-dose vaccine., has dismissed the idea of intellectual property-poolings quarantine rules for international air travellers require incoming passengers to book three nights in one of 18 approved hotels in Toronto, also advocated by the World Health OrganizationThe clinics of their regular doctors., as “nonsense”.

But Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, warned in the Guardian newspaper on Friday that low-income countries were being left behind in the race to vaccinate.

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