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Many consumers have this experience. After investing a lot of money and spending a lot of effort, they finally ushered in the decorated new house, but found that the decoration quality problems are everywhere, and the settlement of decoration funds is often much more than the amount agreed in the contract, making consumers feel cheated. Some

many consumers have this experience. After investing a lot of money and spending a lot of effort, they finally ushered in the decorated new house, but found that the decoration quality problems are everywhere, and the settlement of decoration funds is often much more than the amount agreed in the contract, making consumers feel cheated. Some wise consumers have to find decoration supervision companies to conduct acceptance evaluation, and some even go to the court to seek justice

Zhou Liang, head of CITIC decoration service of Shanghai group purchase network, analyzed the reasons for this phenomenon. Mr. Zhou said that the main reason why consumers are cheated is that they don't know their profession. In addition, some industry swindlers use discount and other means to trick those who are greedy for small bargains to sign a contract at a low price first. When consumers pay the first payment, they have already laid a good word "trap" in the contract and it will work. Some supervision companies have received 46 applications for completion acceptance from the owner who felt cheated in the past week. According to the analysis, this consumer group has high IQ and consumption ability. They just don't know the decoration profession and always think they are smart, but they were fooled by the foreman instead

Ms. Li, a capable actress, bought a 120 square meter house. Because she trusted the persuasion of her "friends" during the decoration, she returned the decoration company she had negotiated and signed a contract with a foreman at the price of 21000 yuan. The reason is very simple. The quotation of the foreman is more than 10000 less than that of the decoration company. As a result, after the start of construction, the quotation kept rising, and soon rose to more than 60000. Not only did she fail to complete the project on time, but she also continued to make her pay more. Ms. Li angrily found the supervision company and asked the supervision engineer to go to her house to see how much the decoration of her house was worth and whether the quality was OK

the results of the on-site quality investigation by the supervising engineer found that 143 of the engineering projects made by Ms. Li's family did not meet the national standards, and the total value of the finished products was 26305 yuan; Moreover, the skills of the construction team workers do not have construction qualifications at all. At this time, Ms. Li knew that the introduction of acquaintances was unreliable. She could not do the project well and spent more money in vain

for this reason, Xu Guozhong reminded the majority of decoration owners that they should pay special attention to the following points during decoration:

1 Units or individuals who refuse to solicit business in the name of not making money and discounts

2. Family decoration should have the procedure of cost budget: material cost, construction cost, management fee, profit, etc. should be clear, while decoration companies or construction teams without reputation, quality and service assurance often adopt the practice of "opening low and going high" to contract business

3. Be alert to the selected decoration enterprises or individuals to leak engineering projects. They often take advantage of the fact that customers don't understand decoration, so they deliberately omit items in the construction project list, and add items and increase the quotation during the construction period

4. Reject substandard materials. The materials on the quotation are inconsistent with those actually used, especially the use of fake and inferior materials at the grass-roots level to reduce costs. Or deliberately increase the material loss and increase the quantities in the name of loss

5. Be careful with the construction team to reduce construction procedures and cut corners to reduce costs. For example, only two coats of paint should be applied for six coats of paint, the cement is shoddy, the wooden base is not treated firmly, all become nail connections, and the proportion of water added to the emulsion paint is not equal

6. Cheating customers with the popular package quotation method seems scientific, but the actual project is vague

7. Before the decoration, he tried to boast and undertake business. After the completion of the decoration, he fled in case of quality problems, and quality and maintenance became a big problem

8. We should not abandon the principle because we are greedy for small and cheap goods. We should carefully choose reputable and powerful decoration companies and respect their reasonable profits from labor

9. Before signing the contract, we should clarify the materials, construction procedures and service items we need, check the name, materials, quantity, practice, unit price and total price of the items listed in the quotation, and require the designers to provide the "environmental protection pre evaluation" report

10. Indicate the increase or decrease items and other related matters, and indicate the detailed construction methods and material names on the construction drawings as annexes to the contract

11. It must be noted that the proportion of non owner's willingness to increase the funds required for the project is generally not more than 10%

12. Before signing the contract with the construction enterprise, you must talk about your idea of hiring a decoration supervisor. If the construction party tries to resist, the owner should be extra careful

13. Do not rely on the model room, but check and accept the project quality according to the national standards. It's best to look at the "inferior Engineering Exhibition" before choosing an enterprise

14. When signing the contract, the name and native place of the foreman in charge of the project must be indicated to avoid the temporary employment of the construction team by the enterprise

15. The proportion of early payment must be reduced as much as possible. It is best to implement the 3331 system to make yourself take the initiative

16. Ask for a copy of the industrial and commercial business license and qualification certificate from the enterprise, and go to the competent construction department or the supervision company to check the legitimacy of the enterprise

17. When paying the design deposit, it must be noted that "if the owner is not satisfied with the design scheme, the design deposit shall be refunded in full"

18. It is best to adopt several design schemes, and the owner will combine a complete design scheme. There are 3 ~ 5 construction units to quote, and the owner will choose





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