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Investment is a technical activity, and the strength and influence of the brand is the key to choose whether to invest or not. Kanoya customized home, focusing on the customized wardrobe industry for 15 years, as a well-known brand of the overall wardrobe, has always had a good image and reputation in the industry

as we all know, due to the characteristics of "personalized customization" and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, the customized home furnishing industry has become the "last bucket of gold" in the home furnishing industry. Its broad development prospects and huge market space have attracted countless enterprises to enter the customized industry. Facing the colorful customized home brands, are you a little confused

indeed, investing in business is an important decision in life after all. It requires comprehensive consideration of all difficulties before we can make the right choice and embark on the path of upward development

first of all, strong brand strength is a must see point. To choose the top ten brands of overall wardrobe with high popularity, or the brands with ten years of influence in China's wardrobe industry, the strength and quality of the brand are confirmed behind the honor. In addition, looking at the combination and price system of products, simple and modern, European elegance, French romance and other styles are widely favored by the current group, with rich designs and colors, and the price is not high and aggressive, which is in line with the positioning of mass consumption. Such a brand can obviously attract a large number of loyal customers. In addition, it depends on the terminal support of the manufacturer. The competition of brand in modern market is not simply the competition of products, image and other hardware, but the terminal service ability that enterprises can provide. In particular, some perfect terminal assistance policies and support efforts, such as "free decoration", "full return of samples" and "full support", have greatly helped franchised dealers easily and quickly make profits

as the first customized home furnishing brand established, canoya has won a win-win customized home furnishing market with its partners who want to engage in home furnishing business with 15 years of industry accumulation and mature brand operation concept. It is reported that on April 21, Kanoya customized home wealth summit was grandly held, and the fat wealth cake is waiting for you to share





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