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Bed is the most comfortable place to rest when we return home when we are tired of working outside. A good bed can reduce your fatigue all day. Therefore, the skills of choosing a bed still need to be understood. When buying a bed, we should prepare the desired size in advance. Next, we will explain the choice of furniture bed and how big the furniture bed will not affect the beauty

purchase of furniture beds

1. The most important thing to choose a good bed is the bed base. First, pay attention to the quality of the bed. If the wooden bed board is thin rather than multilayer board, then the quality is obviously poor. The high-quality bed board is made of multilayer straightening board and steel wire spring, which has a thick texture without any noise

2. Of course, it's not enough just to have a good bed base. There must be a good mattress, and their combination is complete. There are also matters to pay attention to when choosing a mattress, such as its elastic hardness and size, because everyone has different sleeping habits

the size of the furniture bed does not affect the beauty.

1. Because the size of the bed is inappropriate, it has brought trouble to many people. The bed should account for 1/3 of the bedroom. The designer believes that the outer diameter area of the bed is very important to the bedroom. It is best not to exceed half of the bedroom area, and the ideal proportion should be 1/3

2. We say that the 1.8m bed is not the actual size, but the inner diameter of the bed. The actual size of the bed is the size of the surrounding frame, which is called the outer diameter. Generally, the length should be increased by 200mm and the width by 100mm. The height of the bed should be 3 to 4 cm higher than the knee

3. There should be an aisle with a distance of 600mm between the end of the bed and the wall in the bedroom, otherwise the crowded space will be small after the wardrobe or dressing table is opened

summary: the above is the Xiaobian's explanation of the purchase of furniture beds and the size of furniture beds that will not affect the beauty today. I hope these contents can bring you convenience in your future home life




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