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There are many decorative materials available for the wall of TV cabinet background decoration, including wood, natural stone, and artificial cultural bricks and fabrics. In the past, the most common method was that the TV wall was the same as other parts of the living room, with a group of low cabinets next to the TV, and the walls were painted, wallpaper, wall cloth, etc. Color spray paint mostly adopts coatings with moisture-proof, mildew proof, washable, heat-resistant and other efficiency, while wallpaper and wall cloth on the market have a variety of patterns and patterns, which are very warm and warm

1. The size of the background wall

the current concept of home decoration and TV wall in the living room has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. But for residents with small house area and small living room, it is still a little at a loss for the arrangement of the background wall. Some residents mistakenly believe that as long as one wall of the TV is made into a background wall, there is no need to consider other reasons. But here I want to remind users to decide the size of the background wall according to the size of the living room and TV. If the area of the background wall is too large, it will not only waste resources, but also bring a sense of depression. Moreover, if your TV size is too small, the overall effect will be extremely inconsistent

2. Location of sofa and background wall

don't think that sofa is just furniture that provides you with comfortable feelings when watching TV. In fact, it can also play a big role when installing TV background wall. In the actual decoration, the general practice of residents is to install the background wall, and then put the sofa on the opposite side of the wall, but at this time, you find that due to the size limitation of the living room, if you want to face the TV directly, the sofa will come out for a large section, and if it is placed obliquely, it will cause poor viewing effect

the placement position of sofa is best determined before installing TV wall. This will not affect the layout of the living room and can bring better viewing effect. After the sofa position is determined, the position of the TV can be easily determined. At this time, the shape of the background wall can be determined by the size of the TV. In addition, one of the advantages of placing the sofa first is that you can determine the height of the wall mounted TV according to the height of the sofa, which reduces the fatigue feeling when watching the movie

3. Wiring of the background wall

people with decoration experience know that before arranging the location of the power socket, the size of the furniture to be placed should be provided to the water supply electrician as accurately as possible. However, in practice, many owners simply look at the place where they want to discharge the electrical appliances and feel relieved to be busy with other problems. Especially when installing the TV wall, I found that many lines were exposed outside when I finished the decoration and put the TV on, which was very unsightly

indoor wiring is an important basic process before decoration, especially the wiring of TV wall. First of all, you should consider whether the installed TV needs to be hung on the wall. If necessary, the wall should be reserved for the location of embedded hangers or a solid base and enough sockets. Experts suggest that it is best to bury a thick PVC pipe, through which all wires can reach the TV cabinet below

if you don't need wall hanging, the best time for wiring is also before decoration. You need to design the position of the TV, set the installation hole in advance, and bury the wire during decoration. If you find the wiring problem after decoration, you can set up several rows of plugs and try to put them behind large items such as cabinets, sofas or televisions in order to keep the room clean

4. Lights on the background wall

you may think that installing lighting on the TV wall will have a dazzling feeling, but I want to tell you that this idea is wrong. Although the beautiful background wall will be more eye-catching under the light, which is conducive to highlighting the personality of the host. But watching for a long time will cause visual fatigue, which is harmful to health over time. Because the backlight of the TV itself will play a foil role, and there will be light when playing programs. Just imagine, in this case, installing a lighting device on the background wall will not only waste resources, but also destroy the eyes

if you like a little light when watching TV, you can use the methods in general decoration design. Install the ceiling on the TV background wall and install lighting lamps on the ceiling. However, in addition to the ceiling itself echoing the background wall, attention should also be paid to the color and intensity of the lighting. Do not use bulbs with too large wattage or too eye-catching colors, so that there will be no tingling or dizziness in both eyes when watching the film




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