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Generally speaking, in the design of the living room, we will pay more attention to the design of the TV background wall, but according to the conventional habit, as soon as the door is opened, we usually see our sofa background wall. As the first vision of the entry, of course, we need to spend some time. In addition to leaving space for hanging pictures, what shape changes can the sofa background make? It is not only necessary to be able to correspond to the overall style of the home, but also to correspond harmoniously with the shape of the TV background wall, especially the sofa background of small households and small halls. It is even more difficult to design, but first, let's listen to the opinions of experts

vertical stripe wallpaper stretches the vision

the budget of small house decoration is low, and big moves should be avoided as far as possible. If the floor height of your home is not high, coupled with the location of the sofa, the sofa background is not monotonous, and the installation is cumbersome. At this time, you might as well consider pasting wallpaper. There are many patterns of wallpaper, and the effect of paving is the easiest to create a warm atmosphere. In addition, the budget is relatively low, the laying is simple, and it can be replaced. It is very suitable for small family living rooms. If you feel monotonous, you can add contrast color hanging pictures or photo frames. As long as they are matched with brilliance, they will also be very tasteful

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