Common sense of wood floor installation

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The most popular saying in the field of wood flooring is "three depends on quality and seven depends on installation". There is a mistake in the installation process. No matter how good the quality of the floor is, it is useless. Weifang decoration company reminds you that for a long time, consumers attach far more importance to products than to installed technology and accessories

experts remind consumers that when buying floors, they should master certain installation knowledge in advance

first, check whether the heating or geothermal in the home matches the purchased floor

second, the length direction of the floor should be consistent with the entrance direction to ensure good visual effect

third, the floor must not be too tight, especially at the wall, 10mm gap should be left to ensure that the floor has enough shrinkage gap

fourth, air nails or headless nails can be used to fix the floor on the keel at the male groove of the floor at a 45 degree direction

fifth, dry and straight wood is selected as the keel, and the specification is 3 × 2.0cm or 4 × 2.5cm is appropriate. After ensuring the keel is horizontal, fix the keel with steel nails on the ground

sixth, it is necessary to ensure that the ground is dry, flat and free of debris. Generally, the floor installation should be carried out after the completion of other decoration works

in addition, experts remind consumers that when buying wood flooring, they should also consider the overall strength of the enterprise and whether they have a professional installation team





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