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China 9020 pure synthetic engine oil test report

with the acceleration of the pace of life, buying a scooter has become an urgent need for many urban white-collar workers. As a trend setter, white-collar workers have higher requirements for their own quality of life, in terms of car selection and maintenance. The fashionable and dynamic vehicle shape, flexible and free handling, powerful power experience and oil-saving and money saving lubrication and maintenance programs are all valued by white-collar workers. Recently, many car owners have also given "problems" to the China Lubricant information () brand Lubricant product test team, asking us to recommend oil products that can not only keep your car powered but also save fuel in busy urban traffic! After some market research, we chose the "domestic product" - Zhonghua lubricating oil, which is popular with users, so we have the protagonist of this test, Zhonghua 9020 pure synthetic gasoline engine oil with the product concept of "oil saving, no worry, turbine protection"

test product: Zhonghua 9020 pure synthetic engine oil

mileage displayed on the instrument during oil change: 20000 +

test vehicle: Mazda ATZ 2017 2.0L blue sky Deluxe Version

test time: 15 days

product characteristics:

· pure synthetic base oil and low viscosity energy-saving formula, with lasting fuel economy

· excellent oxidation resistance and clean dispersion performance, Effectively inhibit the formation of carbon sludge

· excellent anti-wear performance, reduce engine wear

· excellent high-temperature shear resistance performance, keep the oil film stable under harsh working conditions

· unique tgdi engine protection technology, effectively reduce the low-speed early ignition of tgdi engine

scope of application:

applicable to engine lubrication requiring API SN plus or below, The product has passed API Sn plus/ilsac gf-5 quality level certification and meets the general dexos 1 ™ : 2015, Chrysler ms6395, Ford wss-m2c947-a/b1 and other specifications

Zhonghua 9020 pure synthetic engine oil test video

test vehicle and current problems:

the test vehicle is Ma 6. The result of the evaluation is that the 2017 2.0L blue sky luxury version of Mazda ATZ. This model was selected because as the main model of Mazda, ATZ has a high reputation, which can not only meet the requirements of young car owners for avant-garde, novel appearance and simple interior design, but also meet the requirements of fuel consumption, power The car is also favored by car owners in terms of handling and other aspects. It is a model loved by young white-collar workers

the test vehicle ATZ uses a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, with a maximum horsepower of 158ps/6400rpm and a maximum torque of 202n • m/4000rpm. It has Mazda's unique chuangchi Lantian engine technology and in cylinder direct injection technology. Through this oil test, we can see whether it can better exert its advantages in energy saving and emission reduction, and help owners save fuel and worry

the car has been driven for more than 20000 kilometers. The owner said that when he first collected the car, the upshift and downshift were fast and smooth without a sense of stumbling. He felt a steady flow of power at the touch of the accelerator. The steering wheel has electric power, with even turning force, and he is confident of turning quickly. Now, I feel that the vehicle is noisy during driving, the cold start is "slow", the power feedback is "slow", and the acceleration response is often "half a beat slow". The first maintenance is 7.3 liters of fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, but at present it is 8.9 liters per hundred kilometers, which is high

it has been more than 9 months since the last oil change. During the oil change process, a certain amount of 1-year carbon was found

the cap was opened

after the bottle cap was opened, the sealing process was well designed without burrs and damage. The intimate manufacturer also set up the anti-counterfeiting QR code in the cover

oil observation

open the cover and pour out the oil. It can be seen that the appearance of the lubricating oil is clear and bright, without any impurities and suspended solids. It feels that the fluidity is very good during the oil pouring process. After violent shaking, a certain number of bubbles were generated, but they soon disappeared

dip and twist a drop of oil with your hand, you can feel the viscosity and moisture of the oil, and the taste is not pungent

idling in place

after the oil change, the car starts cold. It is obvious that the engine operation changes from "light" to "smooth" when idling. At the same time, the idling speed is about 40 RPM lower than the original, and the result is satisfactory

driving experience

after oil change for a period of time, frequent start and stop on congested streets can intuitively feel that the "roaring" time is short, and the acceleration is very consistent even in the heat of 37 ℃. When overtaking on a curve, the engine accelerates more sensitively, and the feeling that "the power will flow continuously with a little throttle" returns. After overtaking, the fuel collection is also faster. Shuttling through the traffic flow, you can more intuitively feel the sexy polishing of ATZ's focus on the acceleration line, which is more fun to drive

noise reduction performance

previously, the owner reported that the car was noisy. As long as the speed was high, especially when running at high speed, the volume should be turned on for more than 20, which had a great impact on the comfort experience of the driver and rear passengers. After this oil change, both passengers and drivers obviously felt "quiet". From the noise test, we can see that under the same road section at the same time, the noise at idle speed in situ is 52.6 dB, the noise at 60 km/h is reduced from 73.9 DB to 63.7 dB, and the noise at 80 km is 67.3 dB. The noise reduction effect is obvious

60 km noise test, measured value: 63.7 DB

80 km noise test, measured value: 67.3 DB

pbox measured acceleration time from 0 to 60 h for 5.6 seconds,

0 to 100 h for 10 seconds, faster than before oil change

average fuel consumption

average fuel consumption, maintained at 8.9 L/100 km for a long time before oil change, and achieved a good result of 7.3 L/100 km after oil change. During the 15 days of testing, we walked 1138 kilometers, with an average outdoor temperature of 35 ℃, and turned on the air conditioner throughout the whole process. Three days after the oil change, the average speed in the city is about 40 km/h. The measured fuel consumption is 7.7 L/100 km. It is worthy of being a "master of fuel saving"

it was kept at 8.9 L/100 km for a long time before the oil change

after 15 days of oil change, the measured fuel consumption was 7.3 L/100 km

climbing experience

before the oil change, the owner responded that he climbed up the slope from the underground garage every day when he went to and from work. When the car was full of four people, it was a little stressful to climb the slope, and he always felt "tired". After the oil change, the acceleration response is faster, the continuous climbing is completed at one go, and the resistance sense is reduced when the load is full

owner's feeling

in an afternoon when the outdoor temperature was as high as 38 ℃, the owner said that after the oil change, the heat could not stop her "intimate contact" with her car! "White collar workers like us actually have a lot of pressure in life. At that time, the car we bought with a loan has been carefully maintained." The owner Xiaohuang said, "The sportiness that ATZ focuses on is not how strong the acceleration ability is, but the human experience as the standard. The car moves with people and the combination of people and horses. From the driving experience, after the oil change, the response speed is more agile. When I step on the accelerator a little deeper, the engine immediately responds, which is very refreshing! Because what I want is not how fast the car accelerates or how high the top speed is, but how responsive and comfortable it is to handle. After the oil change The comprehensive fuel consumption has also been reduced. The fuel cost can be reduced. However, if you simply seek low prices, it will relieve a lot of economic pressure. Therefore, I am very satisfied with the replacement of Zhonghua lubricating oil this time! At the weekend, I asked my friends to take a self driving tour to experience a pleasant ride on the highway. It's really a combination of people and horses. I think driving is also a good way to decompress! "

comprehensive evaluation

handling has always been the trump card of Mazda ATZ, which is the reason why it is different from other models at the same level and more popular among young people. The precise and linear steering sense and stable and solid chassis dynamic performance make the driver more comfortable to drive. The replacement of Zhonghua 9020 pure synthetic gasoline engine oil this time is a further step for ATZ to find similar in vitro test results in terms of power experience and control experience, making the driver's operation more smooth and resilient. When turning a corner, it feels that the power will follow up quickly, the car's tracking performance is more flexible and stable, and the comfort of the passengers in the car will be improved to a certain extent. It is reported that the oil has excellent oxidation resistance and clean dispersion performance, and can effectively inhibit the formation of carbon sludge

in the face of rising automobile maintenance costs, it can be said that the advantages of Zhonghua 9020 pure synthetic gasoline engine oil in engine protection and fuel saving performance make white-collar workers very satisfied. For such a "new domestic product" that allows car owners to save money and worry, our recommendation index is five stars

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