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Inspection method of primary harmonic eliminator

inspection method of primary harmonic eliminator

when the neutral point of 6 ~ 35kV Power Generation and substation is not grounded, the PT primary winding on the bus will become the only metal channel of neutral point ungrounded electricity to the ground. The charge and discharge of electric phase to ground capacitance must pass through the PT primary winding to make its iron core deeply saturated. Therefore, when the electrical grounding disappears, several amperes of inrush current will appear in the PT primary winding. With the progress of graphene research, the Pt value= ".5" hasspace= "false" negative= "false" numbertype= "1" tcsc= "0" w:st= "on">0.5a fuse will be fused. The primary harmonic eliminator can effectively limit the inrush current of Pt primary winding. When the bus is unloaded or there are few outgoing lines, ferromagnetic resonance overvoltage may occur, resulting in unstable phase voltage, misoperation of grounding indication, fusing of Pt high-voltage fuse, etc. Selecting lxq Ⅱ series primary harmonic eliminator will greatly reduce the occurrence of this situation. The electrical parameters of the primary harmonic eliminator are characterized by AC parameters. The parameters at power frequency 0.3mA (peak value) reflect the voltage on the primary harmonic eliminator under normal electrical operation; The parameters at power frequency 3mA (peak value) reflect the voltage on the harmonic eliminator when the electric single-phase is grounded. AC current is easy to obtain, which is convenient for users to retest

lxq-10 primary harmonic eliminator adopts the step-by-step variable parameter measure, and provides a voltage control unit (discharge tube) to enable the primary harmonic eliminator to maintain the original volt ampere characteristics in the normal working current section, so as to effectively limit the voltage at both ends of the harmonic eliminator with tear resistance performance, and limit the voltage below the insulation withstand level of the weak insulation Pt, so as to effectively protect the insulation of the neutral point

test method

volt ampere characteristic test measure the volt ampere characteristic of primary harmonic elimination comparator with a peak milliammeter (or peak voltmeter)

in the through flow test, the current shall be increased to 250 Ma ~ 300 Ma by the above method. After 10 minutes of through flow, the primary harmonic eliminator shall be heated to value= "100" hasspace= "false" negative= "false" numbertype= "1" tcsc= "0" w:st= "on">100 ℃ ~ value= "300" hasspace= "false" it is allowed to add pigments and additives. Negative= "false" numbertype= "1" tcsc= "0" w:st= "on">300 ℃, and then sprayed with cold water without any damage. Note: this test will produce smoke due to temperature rise in 4 ~ 5 minutes, which is normal and will not damage the primary harmonic eliminator

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