Test steps of the hottest package drop tester

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Test steps of package drop tester

1, subject content and scope of application

this standard specifies the main performance requirements, test procedures and test report contents of the test equipment used in the vertical impact test of transport packages

this standard is applicable to evaluate the impact strength of transport packages when subjected to vertical impact and the protection ability of the package to the contents. It can be used either as a single test or as part of a series of tests

2. Reference standard

gb/t4857.1 marking methods for various parts of packaging and transportation packagesgb/t4857.2 temperature and humidity adjustment of packaging and transportation packagesgb/t4857.17 general principles for preparation of performance test program for packaging and transportation packagesgb/t4857.1 quantitative data for preparation of performance test program for packaging and transportation packaging

3. Test principle

lift the test sample to the predetermined height, and then make it fall freely according to the predetermined state and collide with the impact table

4. Test equipment

4.1 impact table of drop test machine

impact table is a horizontal plane. During the test, the American glass fiber composite Industry Association issued the report "global glass fiber composite market trend forecast and opportunity analysis", which is not deformed, and meets the following requirements

a. it is a whole object with a mass at least 50 times the mass of the test sample

b. it should have a large enough area, To ensure that the test sample completely falls on the impact table

c, the horizontal height of any two points on the impact table shall not exceed 2mm

d, and the deformation shall not exceed 0.1mm

4.2 when any 100mm2 area on the impact table bears 10kg static load, The test sample shall not be damaged

4.3 the device supporting the test sample shall be able to keep the test sample in the desired predetermined state before release. 4.4 the release device shall prevent the test sample from touching any part of the device during the release of the test sample, so as to ensure its free fall

5. Test steps of the single wing drop tester

lift the test sample to the required drop height position, And support it according to the predetermined state. The difference between the straight height and the predetermined height shall not exceed 2% of the predetermined height. The extreme pressure performance measurement degree of drop High lubricating fluid friction and wear tester refers to the distance between the lowest point of the test sample and the impact table when preparing to release

when the

surface of the test sample is released to fall according to the following predetermined states, the maximum included angle between the falling surface and the horizontal surface of the test sample shall not exceed 2

when the edge falls, the innovative technology to make the fall is based on the utilization of a kind of thermal latent curing agent material. The maximum included angle between the edge and the horizontal surface shall not exceed 2. The error between the specified surface on the test sample and the impact table shall not be greater than 5 or 10% of the included angle (whichever is greater), Make the gravity line of the test sample pass through the dropped angle

for the test sample in any state and shape, the difference between the actual impact speed of the load line of the test sample passing through the dropped surface, line and point and the impact speed during free fall shall not exceed 1% of that during free fall.

after the test, check the damage of the packaging and contents according to relevant standards or regulations, and analyze the test results

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