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Detection of moisture resistance and permeability of baby diapers (diapers and diapers)

with the acceleration of people's pace of life and the improvement of their quality of life, baby diapers, the most commonly known diapers, have increasingly replaced the traditional diapers and become the fastest-growing consumer goods in the market in today's infant market. There are many brands and varieties of diapers in the market. The breathability of the products reflects the comfort of the baby. Diapers with good breathability facilitate the discharge of moisture and keep the baby's skin dry and comfortable. Choosing diapers with good breathability and comfortable use is the most concerned issue of newborn parents

diapers have many structural layers, and the polyester non-woven fabric material on the surface layer of the husband and the polyolefin film waterproof material on the outermost layer, that is, the bottom film of diapers, have the most impact on the air permeability. If the air permeability of the diaper's husband's surface and bottom film is poor, it will lead to eczema and other allergic phenomena on the baby's skin, which will affect the health of the baby. Therefore, the air permeability test of diaper products is also one of the monitoring indicators that manufacturers pay most attention to at present. As an excellent supplier of testing instruments and services, Labthink Languang is willing to further explore and study relevant testing technologies to provide enterprises with reasonable solutions. Next, Labthink blue, in combination with its own tqd-g1 air permeability tester and w3/030 water vapor transmittance tester, will briefly introduce the moisture resistance and air permeability of non-woven fabric materials and breathable bottom film of diaper products

tqd-g1 air permeability tester launched by Labthink Languang adopts microcomputer controlled electronic measurement, and has two measurement methods of constant flow and constant pressure difference, meeting the detection requirements of different standards around the world. Built in high-precision electronic air flow and pressure sensors, accurate measurement. In addition, the instrument is equipped with professional software support and friendly human-computer interaction. It is an indispensable equipment for testing the permeability of textile materials and breathable bottom film without its downstream PCB enterprises which are relatively scattered and have low bargaining power

in addition, the moisture permeability of the bottom film can be tested with the w3/030 water vapor transmittance tester of Labthink blue light. 5 Auto scale of graph curve and won Platts' annual breakthrough solution Award for global energy in that year. It adopts the principle of weighing method and computer-controlled automatic test; The equipment has its own temperature and humidity control function. No manual operation intervention is required during the test process, so that the test process is completely free from external influence. The test results are more accurate and fully meet the moisture permeability test requirements of high barrier materials

after ensuring the moisture resistance and air permeability index of diapers, it is also necessary to control the sealing performance and barrier performance of the entire outer package of the product to ensure the quality of the product shelf life. For more information about relevant testing instruments, you can log in to view specific information. Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is willing to take this opportunity to enhance exchanges and cooperation with enterprises and institutions in the industry. (Jinan Languang)

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