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Motor soft starter 7200gs series frequency converter test run

before the operation of the frequency converter, please remove the mechanical load of the motor first, and conduct the test run in the no-load mode. Once the fatigue occurs, it will cause 10 points of serious consequences due to failure to recover, so as to avoid damaging the mechanical equipment due to misoperation. If the load must be added for the test run, please carefully check the wiring installation, especially the main circuit wiring, to avoid danger

please lock the upper cover before power transmission, and do not disassemble the upper cover during power on to prevent electric shock

if the retry function is effective (cn-360), or when the fault reset is performed, the motor may start up again automatically. Please do not go near Taiyuan: primary school students make lanterns skillfully, and waste materials become "baby" machines and equipment

if the frequency converter is set to operate at high speed, please first confirm whether the motor or mechanical load is within the allowable range. If the mechanical brake is installed, please confirm the action sequence of the brake

1. Check before the power supply is put into operation.

please check before the power supply is put into operation:

(1) whether the wiring of the main circuit is correct

(2) whether the short circuit is caused by improper wiring or broken wires

(3) whether the terminal screws are tightened

(4) whether the load state is normal. "

2. setting of power supply voltage selection base plate

7200gs 440V model can be applied to 380 ~ 460V power supply voltage system. In order to consider that different power supply voltages will affect the heat dissipation capacity of the internal AC cooling fan of the frequency converter, for models above 30HP, when the input power supply voltage is not 440V, it is necessary to insert the voltage selection pin on the power supply voltage selection base plate (as shown in the figure) to the position corresponding to the input power supply voltage (the standard factory setting is 440V) To prevent overheating and tripping due to low power supply voltage affecting heat dissipation capacity. Pressure switch

the knowledge about startup and shutdown, function/parameter setting, fault analysis and treatment, etc. has been introduced in detail, and will not be repeated here



figure power supply voltage selection (2) figure of high performance para aramid fiber and its composite substrate

(a) 440v:30 ~ 75HP, 300 ~ 400hp; (b) 440V: 100~250HP

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