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On site service personnel safety knowledge test questions

1. Fill in the blank: 60 points, 3 points for each question

1. Field service personnel shall not____ Drinking uu, Do not chat or do anything with others while performing duties___ Irrelevant to the job________ Work

2. Employees are not allowed to drill under the vehicle and use the vehicle instead of walking; and_ Take off and landing locomotive \\\, Crossing the railway must be____ One stop, two views and three passes \\\\\\\

3. Take a traffic car and after the train starts____ No climbing, uuu, The car does not stop steadily__ Jump down \\\

when working in the electrified area or across the contact, the workpiece and articles held shall be kept in contact with the contact___ 2m

4________ Distance

5. It is strictly forbidden to drive a motor car without a license. Once it is found, the workshop shall be strictly assessed. For the electrical action test and function test that may cause the locomotive to move, it must__ Under the supervision of the driver

6. It must be worn when working on the top of the locomotive___ Safety belts and helmets \\\\\

7. When passing through ditches or places impeding traffic at night and boarding and landing locomotives, it shall be carried__ Flashlight uuu

8. Achieve___ Don't hurt yourself, uuu___ Do no harm to others, Don't be hurt by others

9. After dealing with the problems of relevant products and devices of our institute in the high-voltage room, when the force measuring machine shows that the load is close to 50kN, be sure to carefully check whether there are any omissions (tools or screwdrivers) and other metal objects. The high-voltage test can be carried out only after they are confirmed to be safe for many times

10. During construction on conductors, pillars, roofs and other facilities that are meters away from the live parts, the contact may not be powered off___ But there must be or contact workers_ Specially trained personnel shall be present for supervision

11. When the service personnel perform group A and B conversion or air defense specialized energy switching at the site, they must confirm that the

speed control handle and reversing hand should take anti vibration measures for the mechanical equipment that causes vibration, and the handle should be at the zero position at the same time, and it is strictly prohibited to conduct live conversion

12. The distance between human body and charged body is 0.7m below 10kV and 10m below 35KV

13. When using alcohol or gasoline to clean accessories on site, it is strictly prohibited to smoke or close to open fire

14. When replacing the plug-in on site, be careful not to be scratched by the welding leg of the plug-in. Hot plugging is prohibited

15. In the process of on-site service, strictly abide by the regulations of "one listening, two looking and three passing" when passing through railway turnouts

16. It is forbidden to jump in the trench and walk along the railway line when working on site; Be careful when getting on and off the locomotive. It is forbidden to get on and off the locomotive before it stops or after it is started to avoid falling; When working on the site at night, it is necessary to be vigilant, see clearly the obstacles and pay attention to the incoming and outgoing locomotives

17. During the on-site work, when the new hydrogel material is widely used at the operating end, when large obstacles such as cars, trees, debris flows and other conditions that may cause the locomotive to derail or overturn are found in front of the locomotive, the hydraulic oil shall be replaced at the fastest speed; When the experiment is not conducted for a long time, lie down in the corridor or withdraw to the motor car

18. When using the test bench to confirm the faulty products of our company at the factory and depot site, the professional personnel of the factory and depot must operate the test bench, and the service personnel are not allowed to operate by themselves

19. It is not allowed to enter the high-voltage room and climb the roof at will. If necessary, it is required to strictly confirm that the locomotive or electricity is in the state of no electricity, and professional personnel shall cooperate

20. Do not operate by yourself under any circumstances

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