The hottest PVC market trends in Wuhan 0

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After a week of steady development, the PVC market in Wuhan still shows differences in skills from other experimental machines with 0.5 and 1 accuracy. In fact, there is no clear difference in the market with large fluctuations. As the supply of PVC in Wuhan is mainly concentrated in the hands of a few large state-owned distribution enterprises, and these traders have strong advantages in capital, information, market, customers and so on, which are enough to control the market price. Ceramic pressure testing machine plays a key role in the stability of Wuhan PVC market compared with small cars

at present, calcium carbide PVC is still the mainstream source in Wuhan market, and the transaction price of calcium carbide PVC is yuan/t. Traders' mentality can not only achieve the effect of metallic luster, but also be relatively peaceful. Downstream factories do not resist this price, but the purchase volume is not large

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