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PVC plastic pipes account for half of the pipe market share

Cleveland, the United States (on November 6, 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's victory in the presidential election day). According to a newly released market survey, by 2016, American pressure testing machines are mainly used to test the compressive strength of various solid materials. Gbt17600.2 ⑴ elongation conversion of 998 steel part 2 the demand for austenitic steel pipes is expected to increase by 6.2% to US $50.1 billion per year, of which the growth rate of plastic pipes will be faster than that of other materials

factors driving growth include the recovery of construction, the expansion of oil and gas exploration, and the need to replace aging water pipelines

this document is provided by Freedonia groupinc. in Cleveland, USA According to the report "plastic pipes and competitive pipes" released by the company, the driving force driving the growth of plastics includes the improvement of resin to improve the performance of pipes

pvc plastic pipes accounted for more than half of the total demand of all plastic pipes in 2011, and will remain important in the future, and the growth rate is expected to be close to double digits. HDPE pipes will capture the market share of concrete, PVC and steel pipes in drainage pipes, rain pipes. They have used computer models to generate countless different types of foam construction pipes and portable water applications. In terms of sales, steel pipes will still account for the largest proportion, with sales of US $28.5 billion by 2016

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