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The semiconductor production support

which has been tested by harsh environment, the beautiful, thin and lightweight LCD brings high-level audio-visual enjoyment to video lovers, but the LCD processing environment is actually very harsh. The LCD glass plate is heated in the vacuum chamber and connected with the air source for plasma coating. In the process of coating, arrangement and etching, on the one hand, the LCD guide wheel needs to withstand harsh environmental conditions, on the other hand, it cannot pollute or break the high-purity and high-quality surface on the ring glass

vestakeep 4000g (black), a high-performance polymer launched by Evonik industrial group, has extraordinary chemical resistance, excellent heat resistance (thermal deformation temperature 260 ℃), wear resistance and mechanical properties. INNODIS, a leading manufacturer of LCD manufacturing process (tooth industrial foundation difference wheel, rotating shaft), has recently applied the peek compound to five new semiconductor production supports (LCD guide wheel). Vestakeep can withstand harsh LCD processing conditions, which are similar to semiconductor manufacturing (spraying, lithography and etching) under ultra-high processing temperature

vestakeep polyether ether ketone (PEEK) has been applied to five new semiconductor production supports (LCD guide wheels)

The low dissolution, low outgassing and low pollution of vestakeep make it a high-quality material for processing wafers in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Peek has strong oxidation resistance in the molten state, and can be used continuously at temperatures higher than 220 ℃ (dynamic stress 180 ℃). Compared with other plastics, peek has a perfect combination of inertia and heat resistance. Vestakeep can maintain its original characteristics after long-term exposure to steam, ethylene oxide and gamma rays. Therefore, vestakeep PEEK composites are most suitable for manufacturing parts used in harsh environments for a long time. These parts are mostly used in semiconductor processing, oil exploration, industry, transportation, medicine and other fields

vestkeep peek is better than metal in improving the durability of the system and reducing the manufacturing cost of parts. These advantages come from the perfect combination of its corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high specific strength value and diversity of processing methods. Using peek can eliminate the corrosion caused by salt, solvent, corrosive agent and various acids, and also reduce the wear caused by mortar, particle impact and surface movement. These characteristics make peek more suitable for manufacturing impellers of aircraft air conditioning systems and bearing sleeves used in mining and paper industries than aluminum, titanium and steel

in addition, under the same weight, the specific strength value of PEEK is higher than that of steel. Moreover, light parts can reduce transportation fuel consumption, enhance the durability of compressor components, and provide more efficient motor design for gears and impellers. Using ves to slowly open the oil delivery valve takeep peek instead of metal can improve the durability, production efficiency and integration of parts and components. According to the introduction, it is superior to the design freedom of machined metal and reduce the cost of parts and components. (end)

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