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Senlan won two awards in the selection of "China's top ten electrical appliances industry"

it is reported that on March 27, 2013, the award ceremony of the top ten publicity activities of China's electrical appliances industry and the fourth council of the fourth China Electrical Appliances Association were grandly held in Shenyang, where industry authorities and enterprise leaders conspired with the development and outlet of China's electrical appliances industry. Hope Senlan was invited to attend this grand meeting

the event gathered leaders of the domestic electrical appliance industry, authoritative scholars in the industry and well-known national media, and selected various awards in China's electrical appliance industry in 2012. It is hoped that Senlan will win two awards: the top ten well-known brands in China's electrical appliance industry and the top ten innovative enterprises in China's electrical appliance industry

hope Senlan, as the leader of the domestic variable frequency BASF company who pays great attention to the quality and safety standards of this kind of products, has always concentrated on professional advantages, professional design, professional manufacturing and professional services for more than a decade, and is committed to the development and promotion of frequency converters. It is hoped that Senlan knows the way of quality, always takes technology as the guide and quality as the guarantee, creates famous brands and takes first-class service as the highest standard, and establishes the leading image of the inverter industry through the full implementation of innovative development projects. At the same time, we hope Senlan can also apply to national defense (including aviation, aerospace, weapons, nuclear engineering, etc.), universities and colleges, metrology, quality inspection, commodity inspection, plastics, rubber, metallurgy, vehicle manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, wire and cable, textile fiber, food packaging, building materials and other services with senior professional experience and perfect quality. With sincerity, patience, love, polycarbonate is very good confidence Perseverance has won the affirmation of the majority of consumers

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