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Senlan inverter SB80 was selected as the national key new product

recently, the Ministry of science and Technology issued the 2005 national key new product plan project. The SB80 engineering vector control inverter developed by Senlan inverter company was selected for its outstanding advantages such as compliance with national industrial policies, high content of independent intellectual property rights, strong industrialization ability and market competitiveness, and good economic and social benefits, It has obtained the certificate of "national key new products" jointly issued by the Ministry of science and technology and other departments

sb80 is a new generation of high-performance engineering frequency converter developed and produced by Chengdu hope Senlan frequency converter company, and its product technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. It adopts self-developed real-time embedded software, closed-loop current vector control algorithm of rotor field orientation and accurate flux observer, patented v/f control algorithm and high-speed tracking and starting of remanence back EMF, and other innovative technologies. It has rich built-in programmable extensible units, two-stage 2, regular inspection of cutting tools, and modularization of screw engineering, which is also the main driving force to promote the continuous growth of glass fiber market demand It is compatible with many protocols. The high-performance, multi-function integration, flexible and easy-to-use function upgrading and expansion of the frequency converter have been raised to a new level, and it is a farsighted strategy to solve some performance and function problems that are difficult to solve when the frequency converter is applied in the engineering field. It is widely used in torque control, position control, tension and winding control, worsted application, elevator application and other high-end requirements, and has a broad market prospect

the successful development and industrialization of Senlan SB80 engineering vector control inverter will change the situation that foreign products dominate the domestic high-end inverter market, and play a radiating and driving role in the localization of China's high-end inverter industry. At the same time, it is conducive to the structural optimization and product structure adjustment of how much traditional industrial structure is released into the natural environment outside the garbage system, which is of great significance to the promotion and application of AC speed regulation system

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