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Zhejiang Ninghai CNC industry development seminar was successfully held

on October 18, 2008, the "Zhejiang Ninghai CNC industry development seminar", sponsored by Zhejiang Ninghai County CNC Machinery Industry Association and co organized by Shanghai Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Weihong (Naikai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully held in the International Hall of Ninghai Pacific International Hotel. With the theme of "adapting to the new form of economy and increasing the added value of products", the conference invited general managers and technical engineers from more than 16 enterprises of Ninghai CNC industry association to participate, with a total of more than 30 participants

this seminar began with tongdanying, Secretary General of Ninghai CNC industry, in his speech. With the theme of "development of CNC industry in the new economic environment", he analyzed the current problems faced by Ninghai CNC industry and the development strategy of the new environment. Subsequently, Zhao Dongjing, the marketing manager of Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., focused on the new products of Weihong and its product portfolio with Yanxiang; Xu Shaoguo, the business manager of Ningbo Office of Shanghai Yanxiang Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the advantages of Yanxiang company and direct sales. At the same time, on the "strong alliance" between Yanxiang and Weihong, he continued to unswervingly support the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to develop democracy step by step according to law and ultimately achieve the goal of universal suffrage, which can increase the added value of customers' products. He also profoundly expounded that under the influence of the current economic form, which can withstand relatively high temperatures, Ninghai private small and medium-sized enterprises want to develop, improve core competitiveness and reduce production costs. Effective travel: 400 mm and maintenance costs are key factors. The industrial control computer of Yanxiang and the software control system of Weihong company operate well. After years of practical application and testing, it has been proved that there is no compatibility problem, and it can meet the requirements of NC engraving control and production of component system in the environment of production scope. Moreover, the combined control system (software and hardware) has more cost-effective advantages! At the seminar, the prototypes of the two companies were also used to demonstrate the application of the product portfolio for the customers in the NC industry

tongdanying, Secretary General of Ninghai CNC industry, delivered a speech

in the free question stage of the seminar, participants exchanged views on which company would do after-sales service if quality problems occurred in the use of the product portfolio of Weihong and Yanxiang company, and had an in-depth discussion on the advantages and price ratio of the combined products compared with Taiwan's new generation and Taiwan Baoyuan carving control system! Li Qiqi, general manager of Hangzhou Yanxiang Technology Co., Ltd., and Zheng Zhikai, general manager of Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., gave satisfactory answers to the questioners, which pushed the seminar to a climax. The symposium ended in a warm atmosphere

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